With over 60 years’ experience in the decorating industry Rabart Decorators Merchants Ltd serves customers throughout Wales and the south-west of England, through its nine stores. The family-run business has a large trade customer base which it invoices on a monthly basis. Each statement in the large monthly batch varies in length and can comprise multiple pages.

The challenge

Rabart wanted to improve its management of transactional billing. It was a manual, time-consuming task, which took up around three days of three members of staff’s time - approximately 60 man-hours a month. By digitising the process, Rabart sought to minimise the possibility of any documents going to the wrong people, as manual processes can be prone to errors. It also hoped to reduce costs, both in terms of processing time and the standard franking tariff it paid on each mailing. Rabart also saw an opportunity to get greater value out of its monthly communications by including marketing material and promotional messages. The process Rabart conducted an online search for outsourced mail solutions and discovered Quadient, which was considered alongside another supplier. Rabart was impressed with the hands-on approach Quadient took: an initial conference call established the requirements and provided high-level information on what was needed, Quadient then involved one of its experts and provided an overview of relevant solutions and arranged a discovery meeting. In total, a conference call and three on-site meetings managed the process from initial contact through to implementation. Quadient was also chosen as it could provide a full end-to-end, multi-channel solution, enabling Rabart to automate the monthly mailing process, meet customer expectations on how they wish to receive communications (by physical mail or email) and include tailored marketing messages in its mailings.


The solution

OMS-500 enables businesses to send accurate and targeted communications to the right customer in the right way. Following pre-defined business rules, it collates information to create documents.  For Rabart, this means that tailored marketing messages can be added to its mailings. The solution also ensures documents are sent to the right person through intelligent barcodes which track which pages go into which envelope for a more secure way of mailing. Communications can be sent through a range of channels, including physical mail and email. Neotouch takes care of the printing, envelope-stuffing, adding of postage and posting, so Rabart now sends out its mailings without having to leave the office. 


Delivery and results 

It now takes only one person around 30 minutes to complete the mailing activity that used to take 60 hours. This has freed up staff to focus on more value-add activities for the business, including liaising with customers and suppliers.  It has been a cost reduction winner too. As well as reducing the cost per communication, the solution has reduced Rabart’s debtor days as invoices can now all go out on day one, instead of over three days, helping bring revenue into the business sooner. Along with more control and greater efficiency, the solution has significantly reduced the risk of mailings going to the wrong recipients. What’s more, it supports Rabart as it grows: something the former manual process couldn’t do as it did not scale. Another significant benefit is the segmented marketing capability. Quadient worked with Rabart to develop document templates and workflow rules. This has enabled branch-specific offers to be targeted at relevant customers, whether they receive their communications by mail or email. Automation has made sending communications by email so easy. Working with customers, Rabart is gathering more permissions to communicate in this way which long-term will reduce print volumes in line with sustainability objectives. 


Customer feedback

Matthew Bush, Finance Director, at Rabart says: “We’d looked at different mail solutions in the past, but our requirements were such that historically we could not afford the technology required. Having researched the market again, we found that Neotouch could provide a high-end outsourced solution at a price point that we could afford, without the need to invest in additional machinery.” “Despite the growth of email, Rabart still has a strong requirement for paper-based mail, with many of our customers requesting it over digital delivery. Therefore, the combined solution of output management software and outsourced printing and posting offered us a multi-channel solution that has transformed our monthly invoicing process, slashing the time spent on the activity from approximately 60 hours a month to around 30 minutes which includes us preparing the data and uploading it to the Neotouch portal.”  “Rabart would have no hesitation in recommending OMS-500 and Neotouch to any business that requires a monthly invoice and statement run with the added benefit of being able to include intelligent marketing material and promotional messages. Quadient’s hands-on advice was excellent, the solution provided has allowed us to continue to grow our business and free up our administration staff to focus on other more productive parts of the business. With an eye on the future we will be looking to work with Quadient on other projects, including digital document archiving and retrieval.”


"Rabart would have no hesitation in recommending OMS-500

and Neotouch to any business that requires a monthly invoice and statement run." 

Matthew Bush

Finance Director