A leading charity for UK service veterans offers a range of products and services with the aim of improving the lives of people with disabilities and supporting the men and women from UK armed forces. At one of its locations in the home-counties, the charity provides print services for a diverse range of clients.

The challenge

As part of its offering the charity also provides mailing and fulfilment services including design, assembly and despatch of direct mail marketing materials. For envelope printing, the charity was using an old black and white machine, as the Production Manager explains, “The existing machine was ten years old and only printed in mono. The market had moved on and we needed to offer colour printing. We also needed better speed through-put and more advanced software.”


The process

After exploring the market the charity looked at two similar possible replacement machines, including the Quadient (formerly Neopost) AS-970C Mach 5 envelope printer, “In terms of specification the two machines were very similar, but Quadient offered more sophisticated software to support their machine and it was also better priced. As a charitable organisation we always seek to minimise costs, so the Quadient machine was the natural choice for us.”


The solution

In operation the AS-970C Mach 5 provides full bleed (to the envelope edge) printing using Memjet™ technology to give highly professional results. “I have a background in printing and the output is comparable to litho quality in my opinion. The colour print quality and the bleed facility means we can offer specialist short run, variable data, colour envelope printing at a very cost-competitive price. This has given us a considerable commercial advantage in the market. As a result we are supplying to other print companies and also receiving referrals from printers and direct marketing agencies. You could not get bleed printing with a litho process using pre-made envelopes and any litho print run has to be in thousands of items to make it economic.”

Delivery and results

“By opting for the AS-970C Mach 5 the charity can print as few as a couple of hundred envelopes at an economic cost for the customer. This has opened up a whole new area of business for them which is growing, so it’s been a very good investment.”

Customer feedback

The charity has also found Quadient's after-sales service to be good, “We get regular visits from our Quadient account manager and the servicing support has been great. They respond quickly when needed, but we have had only a few call-outs for the machine. It’s proved to be very reliable and we’re putting a lot of work through it.” In conclusion the Production Manager states, “It’s an excellent bit of kit, with outstanding quality for its size. Overall we’ve been very impressed with it and Quadient's service.”

"As a charitable organisation we always seek to minimise costs, so the Neopost machine was the natural choice for us."
Charity Production Manager