The world is going digital

These days people expect business communications to be quick, accurate and personal. They want some types of communications via mail, others via email or SMS. They demand rapid response to their enquiries.They expect to be treated as individuals. Getting it right builds closer connections with customers, getting it wrong damages customer satisfaction and loyalty. Neopost Output Management Software is a simple way of sending the right message to the right person via their preferred channel. Switching to e-invoicing cuts cost and saves time. Our Electronic Document Management software digitises paper documents to cut storage space and facilitate rapid distribution, on-line processing, archiving & retrieval.

The Simple way to Manage Multichannel Communications

Although many customers still prefer mail for certain types of communication,
going digital has many advantages in terms of speed, reliable personalisation and cost. 
Our guide explains how to manage communications across mail, email and SMS. 

How e-invoicing can save time and money

 Neopost e-invoicing makes it simple to manage invoices by mail or email:

  •  Reduce postage costs
  •  Speed up distribution
  •  Automatically archive invoices to ensure compliance and easy retrieval
  •  Send invoices by the channel the customer prefers

Watch our video to find out how Neopost saved time and money.

Quickly process incoming mail and emails

Seamlessly open and digitize incoming mail by combining a Neopost letter opener and electronic document management system. Keep staff and customers happy when you quickly scan documents to allow faster distribution, remote on-line processing and much quicker archiving and retrieval. Forget losing documents and manual files! You can cut storage space too! Our document management software can also capture information from emails, so manual keying is no longer required, saving time and avoiding errors.