March 15th, 2016

Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust runs three hospitals in the West Sussex region. These include St Richard’s Hospital in Chichester, Southlands Hospital in Shoreham-by-Sea and Worthing Hospital. Formed in 2013, the Trust serves a population of 450,000 people.


Existing franking machine was unreliable and often unable to manage the high volumes of outgoing mail.


Improved the speed and efficiency of its outgoing mailing process. The cost effective ink cartridges, lower rental costs and reduced Mailmark® tariffs is expected to save the Trust in the region of £20,000 a year.


Neopost’s IS-6000 is a heavy duty, high capacity franking machine that automatically prepares and sends outgoing mail quickly and securely.


Neopost was trusted to help the Trust provide an economical solution that would improve their outgoing mailing processes.

Our post room send and receive important documents on a regular basis, and as an NHS Trust it’s important that we have a mailing process in place that is both cost-effective and efficient.

Kevin Lee

The challenge 

Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is sending up to 4000 letters a day across their sites, which became a big challenge with a team of just 5-6 people in both Worthing & Chichester’s post rooms. Furthermore, its existing franking machine, sourced from another manufacturer, had limited capabilities and was proving unreliable. Added time pressure was subsequently being placed on staff, who were often forced to send documents manually. “Our post room send and receive important documents on a regular basis, and as an NHS Trust it’s important that we have a mailing process in place that is both cost-effective and efficient,” said Kevin Lee, Interim Portering Supervisor at Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust. “Our franking machine was causing us a lot of problems; it was slow, unreliable and often out of action for days. This was stretching the capabilities of our staff and it became clear that we needed to look for an alternative solution.”

The process

When reviewing its mailing options in 2015, Western Sussex Hospitals began to consider high-capacity solutions that would automate the preparation and management of all of its outgoing mail. It subsequently turned to Neopost for help and support, as they also provide other equipment within the Trust. Neopost’s IS-6000 franking machine is an ideal solution for businesses and post rooms managing high-volume outgoing mail on a daily basis and was deemed the ideal solution for the Trust.

The solution

The IS-6000 is a high volume franking machine that manages all outgoing mail quickly and securely. Its mixed mail feeding saves time preparing documents, while a high capacity envelope feeder with reload on the fly capability decreases the number of stop and starts, leading to increased productivity. “The IS-6000 franking machine has significantly improved our mailing process. It’s superior performance and durability means we no longer need to worry about sending any documents manually. We are also now able to take advantage of lower Royal Mail Mailmark® discounts, which is saving us large sums of money.”

Delivery and results

Since using the IS-6000 franking machine, Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust has improved the efficiency and reliability of its outgoing mail process. Furthermore, the Trust is now benefiting from lower rental costs and Mailmark® tariffs, as well as more cost-effective ink cartridges. These cartridges need replacing only every eight weeks, compared to just three weeks previously. Combining these benefits has helped the Trust to save in the region of £20,000 a year.  “We are very happy with the IS-6000 franking machine. As a NHS Trust, it’s crucial that we spend our money on solutions with a high ROI. A 1p drop on first class letters and 3p on second class may seem small, but considering we send up to 2,000 items in just one day at Worthing it all adds up. On top of these cost savings, we have enjoyed a very high customer service. From day one, Neopost has provided much needed support and training on how to maximise the use of the machine.”

Customer feedback

“Before we started using the IS-6000, we were struggling to manage our heavy volumes of outgoing mail. With the NHS continually looking to optimise its spending, it was crucial that we reassessed where and how we spent our money. The IS-6000 is fast, easy-touse and reliable, and allows the team to spend time on other important mailing queries. Neopost’s solution and Simon, our dedicated account manager, have impressed me immensely.”