July 17th, 2014

University of Surrey

First class franking machine is winner for University.

The University of Surrey is a university located in Guildford, Surrey. Its faculties cover Engineering & Physical Sciences, Health & Medical Sciences, Arts & Human Sciences; and Business, Economics & Law and their undergraduate programmes are highly regarded, with The Times commenting, “Surrey has been one of the recent success stories of the university world.”


Automate outgoing mail for busy university postroom.


No more guessing the correct cost and reduced labour costs too.


High-performance IJ-90e franking machine plus i-weigh dynmaic scale and the Conveyor Stacker was a winning combination. 


Neopost emerged the winner following tough tender process. 


When it came to choosing a mailroom solutions provider that offered the combination of reliabilty, speed and cost efficiency, Neopost won hands down. 

-Christopher ward 


The challenge 

Located within the Central Distribution building, the Post Room at the University of Surrey processes a staggering 230,000 items of outgoing mail a year. Handled by a staff of 10, the enormous task of processing large volumes of mail was once a time consuming and costly process, “With PPI, it was absolutely essential to pre-sort all our mail which proved to be a demanding and manually intensive process.

Added to this, was the task of recharging departments correctly for the amount of items sent which took a lot of time and also delayed the billing process,” commented Christopher Ward, Central Distribution Manager for the University. To process all outgoing mail, the University of Surrey previously relied on pre-printed PPI envelopes and PPI impressions sold by the roll to each of its 50 departments. This had its drawbacks.

The Process

Having identified the need for a new solution that would enhance the mail handling process, the University of Surrey approached the Southern Universities Purchasing Consortium which invited mailroom equipment suppliers to tender. The Post Room at The University of Surrey is now equipped with the high-performance IJ-90e franking machine with a mixed mail feeder, the i-Weigh™ dynamic scale and the Conveyor Stacker.

The Solution 

Now, with Neopost’s state-of-the-art equipment, the University is reaping the rewards of an efficient and cost-effective mailroom solution. “Mail processing is no longer a lengthy, complex procedure. Easy-to-use, the franking machine automatically sorts different sized mail which has considerably helped speed up operations.” 

“We no longer have to agonise over what PPI to put on each letter since the i-Weigh calculates the postal rate on the basis of the weight and size of each mail. We can now be assured that the correct postal tariff is applied every time. What’s more, we have further cut down on manual tasks with the Conveyor Stacker which collates all franked mail, saving users the need to empty the catch tray.”


Delivery and Results 

The University of Surrey has also benefited by using myneopost, a free online customer account service which enables customers to manage all their mailroom equipment, mailroom supplies re-ordering and view postal expenditure online, 24 hours a day seven days a week. “With myneopost, we can view our franking machine activity and expenditure by postal class and departments, making the task of recharging University departments simpler and quicker.”

Customer Feedback

“Since implementing the Neopost mailroom solution, we have noticed a significant reduction in costs which implies big savings in the University’s postal budget. We are extremely pleased with our new mail processing solution - it aptly caters to all our needs,”concluded Christopher.


We have noticed a significant reduction in costs which implies

big savings in the University's postal budget.