July 17th, 2014

University of Nottingham

Neopost receives 1st for service from top university

The University of Nottingham has enjoyed a rich and highly successful history and today is considered to be one of the world’s most respected academic institutions, with campuses spread across the globe. The university’s world class reputation is backed up by its ranking in the global league tables, currently boasting a spot in the UK top ten, the European top 30, and in the top one per cent of all universities worldwide.


Update equipment following changes to VAT rules.


An effectively managed mail auditing system that recharges with 100% accuracy.


The IS-6000


A tough tender process ensured the client was getting the best buy for the University. 

We're 100% behind Neopost and very happy with all that they've done.

The Challenge 

In order to process upwards of 7000 mail items per day the postroom depends on Neopost equipment to provide essential automation to speed up the outbound mailing process, and as such has enjoyed a very positive relationship with Neopost for a number of years.The University’s Postroom Manager, Andrew Whitfield, explained the challenge following changes to VAT, “All of our mail had been VAT exempt, however changes to the mailing system meant that all bulk items became subject to VAT. Our old machine couldn’t cope with adding on the VAT, and so it became necessary to look for a replacement.”

The Process

The University began a tender process, considering Neopost’s IS-6000 franking machine against two machines from leading competitors. Andrew continues, “For us, service is really the key differentiator, and when considering any option against its competitors we weren’t making a decision based simply on price or feeds and speeds, it was ‘best buy,’ and that covers the whole package including after sales care and back up.”“Throughout the tender we found Neopost’s team to be the most responsive and proactive. We knew the service from Neopost has always been very quick, friendly and efficient. The machine considered was also very impressive in terms of reliability, quality of output and ease of use, and a robust design combined with an extensive range of features makes it ideal for our needs.”

The Solution 

When designing the IS-6000, Neopost’s R&D team conducted an extensive consultation process with mail room workers all around the globe to ensure that the IS-6000 combines speed, reliability and consistency with an ergonomic design and user friendly interface. Its mixed mail feeder makes it possible for envelopes of various sizes and formats to be loaded together, then by simply pressing start, the IS-6000 automatically seals and franks envelopes at a rate of up to 260 letters per minute. The IS-6000 also has the ability to add additional items as the machine is running, decreasing the number of machine starts and stops, leading to increased productivity.

Delivery and Results 

Having completed the tender process Andrew decided to purchase from Neopost, and arranged for Neopost to deliver and install the IS-6000. “The IS-6000 is very reliable, very easy to use and can be managed by one person. We have 250+ departments and each is charged individually based on the amount of mail they send. The IS-6000 provides the tools to effectively manage our mail auditing system, breakdown the cost for each department, and recharge each department with 100% accuracy.”

Customer Feedback 

Andrew was so happy with the results that the University purchased another IS-6000 two months later. “The IS-6000 is a very cost effective solution and with it we’re able to make savings and really tighten up on the budget, which allows us to reliably advise each department of how much they have to spend.” “Neopost’s team continue to be excellent, very business friendly, user friendly and business orientated. Our account manager calls in regularly to make sure everything is running ok and it’s clear that after sales support is just the beginning for Neopost rather than the finish line. We’re 100% behind Neopost and very happy with all that they’ve done.”


We're able to make savings and really tighten up on the budget, which allows us to reliably advise each department of how much tehy have to spend.