July 17th, 2014

Sutton Council Case Study

Franking brings big benefits to Sutton Council

The London Borough of Sutton serves over 190,000 residents in South London. Cutting costs without reducing service levels is vital for this growing Local Authority.


Introduce a trouble free upgrade to improve effeciencies and cut postage costs further. 


Improved access to Royal Mail discounts, increased mail speed and easier handling. 


The feature rich, cost-effective IS-6000 franking machine- it's connectivity helped deliver benefits throughout the council.


Build on established customer relationship to offer improved savings and post handling efficiencies.

The Challenge 

The Council post-room of this large borough manages about 1,000 items of outgoing mail a day, so a reliable high-speed mail franking solution was required. Keeping control of costs and keeping up to date with the latest postage discounts were also very 
important to ensure best value for local residents.

The Process 

When the Council decided to upgrade its franking system, Neopost, as their existing supplier, was asked to recommend an upgrade. The Council also considered an alternative option from another supplier. As Post Room Manager Nigel Sparks explained, “We looked at the options and a system from a competitor. We decided to go ahead with Neopost because theirs was the better machine at a better price and we had a good, established working relationship withthe company.”


The Solution 

The IS-6000 is a fast, state of the art mailing system designed for high volumes, so it is built to last. Offering high productivity with mixed mail feeding, dynamic scale and power conveyor, the IS-6000’s ergonomic design make it easy to use, with intuitive 15ins full colour touch screen and keyboard.The new internet connected iMeter and powerful integrated software solutions also provide increased options for assigning costs for postal management.A mixed mail feeder makes it possible for envelopes of various sizes and formats to be loaded together, then by simply pressing start the IS-6000 will automatically seal and frank envelopes at a rate of 260 letters per minute. 


Neopost's IS-6000 was the better machine at a better price and we had a good working relationship with the company.

Nigel Sparks- Post Room Manager


Delivery and Results 

“The IS-6000 is fitted with a connected scale that weighs items up to 30 kilos, which makes the whole mailing process a lot faster”, says Nigel Sparks, the Councils Postroom Manager. “The engineer installed the system in less than a couple of hours and then trained me on its operation. But to be honest it is really intuitive to use and other staff members have picked it up with minimal instruction. We’ve been able to use all the features and functions on the system because it’s simple to pick up and the screen provides easy operation.”The IS-6000 features the ability to weigh and measure mail in-line, automatically categorising and rating it according to Royal Mail regulations. “We benefit from the Royal Mail discounts so the IS-6000 automation of the process is a real advantage for us”, says Nigel.


The Council IT department also enabled the IS-6000’s Internet connection, which has been a real benefit, as Nigel confirms, “We can now do all the Royal Mail postal credit online, making the whole process really easy. The IS-6000 also automatically downloads updates, so we always have the latest version of the system software.”In terms of reliability Nigel has been impressed with the performance of the IS-6000, “In ten months we have had only one engineer call-out and we have been putting large volumes of mail through the IS-6000, so we’re very pleased with reliability.” 

Customer Feedback 

For the client the biggest benefit of the IS-6000 has been in terms of throughput speed. “It’s very fast and we have a job to keep-up with the system when taking franked mail from the output stacker. Overall we’ve been very happy with the decision we made to upgrade to the IS-6000 and stick with Neopost”, concluded Nigel.


We've been able to use all features and functions on the system because it's simple to pick up and the screen provides easy operation.