May 12th, 2016


Securitas is a global market leader in services for home, workplace and mobile security. They deliver consulting, technology and tailor made security services to banking, retail, transport and facilities management sectors in 51 countries. Securitas employs 17,000 people in the UK.


Securitas made two acquisitions in the UK which brought to the forefront a requirement to scan and digitise HR records.


Securitas now has a complete online version of their familiar 9-section individual HR file structure, into which they will continue to store new documents.


DCS was commissioned to implement a two phase solution.


Phase 1 of the solution was to scan, digitise and deliver online the first 9000 HR files. Phase 2 of the solution was to migrate the remaining HR files from the CSP acquisition.

With the solution from DCS, Securitas accomplished a smooth consolidation of all our HR records. The files still retain the same structure but, being online, are now far more convenient to store and access.

The challenge

Securitas made two acquisitions in the UK which brought to the forefront a requirement to scan and digitise HR records. Within the scope of the project lay not only Securitas’ existing HR files in paper format, but also the newly acquired legacy HR files from RSS Ltd (acquired November 2010) and CSP Ltd (acquired April 2011). The project was becoming increasingly urgent due to the impending planned closure of a shared service centre.

The entire project would require the scanning and digitising the contents of around 1000 boxes containing 14,000 HR files totalling over 2.5 million pages. The newly e-formatted files would have to be made available to HR professionals in Securitas via a hosted software service. 

Securitas were looking for a partner company to quickly scan and organise their disparate HR files and provide a single online platform for access. After a competitive tender exercise, DCS were chosen as the preferred partner due to proven experience and expertise in this area.

The process

After consultation with the project team to refine the solution requirement Data Capture Solutions (DCS) presented a test sample of digitised files and demonstrated the way in which Securitas would electronically access them from now on. Following this presentation, DCS was commissioned to implement the solution in two deliverable phases.

Phase 1 of the solution was to scan, digitise and deliver online the first 9000 HR files: Outsourced services – The first 650 boxes (9000 HR files) were taken by DCS to scan using leading capture technology from Kofax. Using separator sheets and indexing on an initial sample, DCS taught the system to remember the layouts of common Securitas documents and recognise information such as payroll numbers. The scanning operation created one electronic folder per employee – each subdivided into 9 sections as per requirements. An average of 200 scanned images were created and saved in each employee folder.

FileStore EDM – Securitas opted to implement the storage solution on a Software as a Service (SaaS) basis. FileStore EDM is a wholly web browser based application that forms a central repository for the storage of HR records, capable of storing scanned papers, faxes, emails and MS Office files. In the interest of confidentiality the repository is protected by a security structure which allows HR managers to control and grant access to files individually – independently of the IT department. FileStore integrates with Securitas’ Central HR System so that any updates that staff are authorised to make can be performed via user access with their employee id numbers.

Phase 2 of the solution was to migrate the remaining HR files from the CSP acquisition. A further 300 boxes of records were scanned and deployed to the same hosted SaaS FileStore platform – with a further 5000 electronic files created in the process. Training was provided to HR users, who also performed user acceptance testing as the project reached its conclusion.

Delivery and results

• Securitas now has a complete online version of their familiar 9-section individual HR file structure, into which they will continue to store new documents.
• Valuable office space has been liberated; by removing physical records completely instead of shipping them to another Securitas location there are instant cost savings as well.
• Instant web-based access to authorised users from any location.
• Full audit trails for legal admissibility (BIP0008) have been implemented.
• Increased security of HR Records. Electronic access limited to HR staff and other appropriate parties. Acceptance testing as the project reached its conclusion.

Customer feedback

“We were looking for a partner who truly understood the delicate nature of varying legacy data. DCS demonstrated that their solution would handle the diverse formats of our HR records and create a robust and user-friendly archive process.”