The Royal Veterinary College is the oldest and largest veterinary school in the United Kingdom and is one of 18 independent colleges of the Federal University of London. The RVC has over 1,200 undergraduate students and another 500 postgraduates. There are 130 academic staff with a further 500 support staff.



Effective tracking of high volume, time critical incoming post.


A full audit trail means no more confusion and a lot less hassle.


Using neoTrak dramatically improves the management of internal mail delivery process, increases reliability via automation, and decreases costs. 


Working with client’s IT team ensured complete database integration for most effective solution.

Neopost's parcel tracking software has provided The Royal Veterinary College with a simple and easy to use solution for an issue that was taking up time and resources. 

Stepen Walkling

The Challenge 

BVetMed students in their clinical years and the BSc Vet Nurses spend the majority of their time at the Hawkshead campus. Many live on site in halls of residence and have their personal post delivered to the college. As a result the Hawkshead campus handles very high volumes of incoming post both for the faculty and for the students. Some of the packages for the faculty staff are time sensitive and also need to be placed in a temperature controlled environment. Managing post for the Hawkshead site was becoming a challenge as Stephen Walkling, Campus Services Manager, explains, “Students were coming to the post room and helping themselves to their mail, without any confirmation of receipt, so it was not a satisfactory state of affairs. The campus was also growing rapidly with new building projects, so it was clear that a solution for the incoming post management was needed urgently.”

The Process

The RVC was already a Neopost customer and was using a Neopost franking machine for sending mail. Stephen continues, “Richard Addison, the Postroom Manager and I spoke to Neopost about our needs and they suggested their automated mail receiving software.”

The Solution 

The system is an automated software solution designed to track important packages and documents from the point at which they are dropped off by the carrier to the point at which it is delivered to the intended recipient. Using neoTrak dramatically improves the management of internal mail delivery process, increases reliability via automation, and decreases costs with improved productivity. In operation, received postal items are scanned and logged onto the system. The intended recipient is notified by email that they have an item waiting. They then collect and sign for the item.


Delivery and Results

The RVC wanted to link the software to the college faculty and student database to provide a list of all possible recipients on site.“Neopost worked with our IT to make our database integrate with the solution. Training for our staff was provided but the basic system is pretty intuitive. We were confident about using it almost straight away. The installation was straightforward and we did a sample run and it worked very well, so we decided to roll out the system” said Stephen.“Because some items are time and environment sensitive, they have to be delivered by the post room staff immediately, but occasionally no one is available in a department to sign and take receipt.” “We asked Neopost if they could provide a solution to this and they set up bar code points in the various departments that our postroom staff can scan to show a package has been delivered correctly. That way packages can be placed in fridges or secure areas without delay.”

Customer Feedback 

Stephen states, “neoTrak has provided The Royal Veterinary College with a simple and easy to use solution for an issue that was taking up time and resources. It’s been very beneficial for us. When someone asks, ‘what happened to my package? We can confidently say “you signed for it last week!”