May 27th, 2014

Paula Rosa

Paula Rosa-Manhattan is a manufacturer of fitted kitchens and was formed by a merger in 2013. The business is part of Ballingslöv International, a Swedish supplier of kitchen, bathroom and storage systems. With its factory in Lancing, West Sussex, Paula Rosa-Manhattan has a long pedigree in quality fitted kitchens stretching back over 50 years and received the royal warrant in 2001.


To move from paper based supplier invoices and statements to a paperless solution that would provide electronic document archiving.


A large supply chain can be managed more efficiently with a paperless solution and saving valuable management time.


Installation of Incoming mail management system.


Paula Rosa-Manhattan were impressed with the simplicity of the IMW-20 system and its functionality after seeing an in-house demonstration and placed the order with Neopost.

We were impressed with the simplicity of the system and its functionality.

Max Caunhye

The Challenge 

Following the merger, the company wanted to move from paper based supplier invoices and statements to a paperless solution that would provide electronic document archiving. Max Caunhye, Head of Finance, explains, “We operate ‘lean production’ methods, so we constantly review our processes to ensure any inefficiencies in our production line are eliminated. This lean production philosophy also extends to our back-office processes. Paper based documentation was an extremely inefficient way of handling supplier accounts. Documents had to be physically circulated amongst a number of authorising managers and inevitably some documents would get delayed or mislaid. So we looked around for a system to scan, store and archive documents electronically.”

The Process 

The company’s IT department reviewed a number of alternative systems, with one coming with especially good credentials. “Our legal advisers were using the Neopost incoming mail software and found it efficient and easy to use. We were already a Neopost customer and had been using their mailroom equipment for nearly 15 years. We saw a demonstration at our own offices and were impressed with the simplicity of the system and its functionality. It obviously ticked all the boxes so we went ahead with the order.”

The Solution 

Paula Rosa- Manhattan selected Neopost incoming mail scanning software for small to medium size businesses. Packed with the latest technology for fast document processing and archiving, this particular system has an A4 full duplex scanner with automatic 50 page feeder that can scan up to 2,000 pages per day, simultaneously saving these pages to its 1,000 GB hard drive, which has capacity to store literally millions of documents. A comprehensive range of search options combined with automatic ORC (optical character recognition) and an ergonomic touch screen interface make retrieving store documents simplicity itself. 


 “The implementation of the system went very well. The Neopost trainer came to our offices, installed the software and provided training for all the twelve main users. The system is actually very intuitive so you don’t have to be a tech-geek to use it. The trainer set up a trial for us with live documents and it was obviously very easy to use and manage,”Max confirms. Max has found the speed and functionality of the system impressive. “We had used OCR before for cheque scanning and it had been very slow. But the scanner and software used in the system is very quick and accurate.”

Delivery and Results 

As well as scanning new supplier finance documents, the IMW-20 system will be used to archive existing paper files. “We hope to be able to save over 100 square yards of floor space by eliminating paper files on site.” Max has also found the after salesservice from Neopost to be good. “Our account manager has been in touch throughout and the trainer who also installed the system was very thorough.”

Customer Feedback 

In terms of return on investment, Max believes the system will rapidly pay for itself. “This is a £63 million per annum enterprise with 120 active suppliers. Managing that supply chain more efficiently with a paperless solution will save valuable management time, and time in the accounts department, by speeding up the whole process. We will also be able to save valuable floor space at a time when the merged company is growing fast. So the system has met our requirements in all the significant areas.”