July 17th, 2014

OMF International Case Study

Charity benefits from Neopost expertise.

OMF International sends missionaries to support Christian movements in East Asia. With a turnover in excess of £4 million in gifts and legacies, the non-profit organisation has a 33-strong team based in the UK. Processing around 10,000 items of outgoing mail a month, it relies on Neopost for a speedy, efficient and cost-effective mailroom solution.


Replace existing Folder Inserter for cost conscious charity. 


Greater effeciency and improved productivity.


Compact DS-70 Folder Inserter with Maxifeeder provides efficient and uninterrupted operation.


Offer a solution high on performance, low on cost.

With Neopost, we have greatly benefited by saving the amounth of time required to process volumes of outgoing mail. 
Simon Tucker – Mailroom Coordinator

The Challenge 

The mailroom at OMF International processes a range of mainly externally produced documents that include glossy papers, leaflets and flyers of variable sizes. Processing all outgoing mail involves folding and inserting items into C5 and DL envelopes before franking them, and this task calls for a high-performance machine that can efficiently deal with such an assortment of documents.

The Process

OMF International initially used a folder-inserter machine which they leased from another supplier. However, the mailroom staff found themselves regularly dealing with machine jams due to the equipment's incapacity to cope with different types of documents. Dissatisfied with the performance of the machine, OMF International felt the need for a new, more reliable mailroom solution. Being a charitable organisation, cost was a significant deciding factor when looking for an alternate solution. Simon Tucker, Mailroom Coordinator explains: "We looked at alternative suppliers before making our choice and found their machines were very expensive" For a cost-effective solution, OMF International turned to Neopost. Simon explains: "We were happy with the performance of Neopost's IJ-90e franking machine and I-Weigh™ dynamic scale that were installed in our mailroom, and felt that the machines were above all, reliable."

The Solution 

Now installed in the mailroom, the powerful yet compact DS-70 Folder Inserter with MaxiFeeder provides for efficient, uninterrupted operation. Simon states: "Recurring machine jams are a thing of the past. You can turn your back on the DS-70 and it keeps working! The greatest appeal of the system is the flexibility it offers to insert and fold a vast array of document types."

Delivery and Results 

Switching to Neopost has resulted in greater operational efficiency and enhanced mailroom productivity at OMF International. Simon concluded: " Our previous machine kept jamming and was unable to cope with the types of documents we process everyday in our mailroom. This meant we had to manually fold a lot of documents. With Neopost, we have greatly benefited by saving the amount of time required to process volumes of outgoing mail. This has undoubtedly had a positive impact on our mailroom operations and created greater efficiency within the organisation." explained Simon. 


Recuriring machine jams are a thing of the past. You can turn your back on the DS-70 and it keeps working!