June 21st, 2016


Norseland is an innovative, specialist cheese manufacturer with two offices based in Ilchester, Somerset and Uxbridge, London. Formed in 2008 following the acquisition of The Ilchester Cheese Company by Tine BA Group, the leading Norwegian dairy cooperative, the company manufactures some of the leading brands in speciality cheese, including Applewood Cheese, Mexicana, Ilchester, Five Counties and Jarlsberg. Norseland currently has 189 employees and is looking to expand the team.


With an ageing franking machine that could only process one item of mail at a time, Norseland was wasting a large proportion of its resources on its outgoing mail process


Norseland’s outgoing mail process has been made more efficient and cost effective, and the company now franks just one or two batches of mail a day


The IS-350c is a compact franking machine that automates weighing and franking through integrated scale and feeding technology. It is also Royal Mail Mailmark enabled to ensure users receive the lowest possible tariffs


As a relationship already existed, Norseland asked Neopost for its recommendation. Other vendors who were approached but none could match the contract or quality of service offered

The IS-350c is undoubtedly saving us money. It automatically weighs items meaning that we never overpay for postage.

Sue Allen – Norseland.


The challenge

Norseland sends more than 500 items of mail monthly. Items are commonly invoices, remittances and HR documents, with ad hoc letters and parcels also sent regularly. With an increasing volume of outgoing mail, Norseland’s existing franking machine, Neopost’s IS-280, was struggling to handle the workload and was preventing the team from completing other responsibilities.

“The old franking machine could only process one item of mail at a time meaning individual documents needed to be manually fed into the machine,” said Sue Allen, reception and HR administrator, at Norseland. “Furthermore, the machine could only stamp the postage and date; any extra information such as air mail or confidential symbols needed to be added manually. It was incredibly time consuming and it meant that a large proportion of the team’s resources was being underutilised.”

The process

With the need to reduce the team’s workload, Norseland began looking for a new franking machine that could automate most of the outgoing mail process. As a relationship already existed, it asked Neopost for its recommendation. Norseland was approached by other vendors but Neopost’s reputation and its consistent levels of great customer service meant that those enquiries were not pursued.

Neopost suggested the IS-350c franking machine, explaining that its integrated scale and advanced technology would drive mail process efficiency by reducing the need for human interaction. Norseland agreed with the recommendation and the solution was delivered and operational within one week.

The solution

The IS-350c is a compact, simple to use franking machine. With integrated Powerfeed and Smartstart technology, the solution automates item weighing and franking – ensuring that users are always charged the correct postage – and can process up to 40 letters per minute. Companies can easily track and monitor postal expenditure for up to ten accounts (upgradable to 100) and built-in pin code protection empowers controlled usage. The IS-350c is also Royal Mail Mailmark enabled; a special barcode technology that ensures greater discounts with the lowest Royal Mail tariffs when sending items both domestically and abroad.

Delivery and results

The IS-350c has greatly improved the efficiency and accuracy of Norseland’s outgoing mail process. The solution automates feeding and can even handle mixed-weight batches meaning individual items no longer have to be fed in manually. When once weighing and franking would be arduous tasks that would be ongoing throughout the day, the solution’s capability to automate means Norseland now processes mail batches just once or twice daily. “The IS-350c is undoubtedly saving us money. It automatically weighs items meaning that we never overpay for postage and the Royal Mail Mailmark provides us with further savings. Moreover, we are leasing the solution unlike the previous one which we owned, so software updates are automatic and are included in the cost – we no longer have to worry about it,” added Allen.

Customer feedback

“A franking machine is a necessity for many companies but our old model was seriously impacting productivity. The IS-350c has eased the pressure and even allows us to simply process one-off recorded and special deliveries. The solution handles our volume of mail output effortlessly and I’d happily recommend it to others.”