July 17th, 2014


Helping the Hub to manage its life-saving programme

Based at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Gateshead, the North East hub for the NHS Bowel Cancer Screening Programme (BCSP) was established in 2007. One of only five BCSP HUBS across England, this facility manages bowel cancer screening services for a population of roughly eight million people across the North East of England.


Maximising the logistics of life-saving screening programme.


Bespoke solutions to reduce errors and save costs.


A suite of machines to manage the whole process.


Live demonstrations and bespoke solutions gave the client complete confidence.

Neopost have really proactive in tailoring our solutions.

Ian Ward- Hub Manager

The Challenge 

Hub Manager Ian Ward realised that efficiently managing the flow of outgoing mail would be the key to the Hub’s success, “The biggest challenge for the Hub was not conducting the tests, but rather managing the logistics of a call and recall process which would involve sending out immense numbers of letters and testing kits. In total, we send out approximately 10,000 letters a day hand packing such large volumes of mail was never an option for us.”

The Process

Ian continued, “The hospital’s breast screening unit already used Neopost equipment, and on their recommendation we contacted Neopost to see what solutions they could provide to help us manage the flow of outgoing mail.” Neopost offered the opportunity to see a field demonstration of an SI-92 in action. The client was immediately impressed both with the machine’s capabilities and with the positive feedback. They decided to go ahead and make the purchase.

The Solution 

Neopost’s SI-92 folder inserter system is designed to meet the high-end demands of mailers with a wide variety of applications. Able to process jobs with anywhere between one and fifty pages, the SI-92 delivers fast and precise performance, processing up 
to 4,300 standard letters per hour or up to 120,000 pieces per month. With Neopost’s intuitive Mix-N-Go technology, an operator can even switch between two different envelopes in the same job.


Delivery and Results 

Because of the specialist nature of the BCSP’s testing kits, the SI-92 did require some modifications before it was ready to be used at the Hub, “Neopost have been really proactive in tailoring our solutions to these requirements along the way,” said Ian and they were so happy with our response that they soon added a second SI-92, and two Neopost DS-86 folder inserters.The customer also required a solution that could automatically match all test kits and documents. Neopost suggested their DS-1200 solution – it provides sophisticated integrity checking software, and its ability to read OMR, BCR, 2D, and OCR coding ensures 100% accurate mail processing. Handling a wide variety of inserts the DS-1200 can process jobs at a speed of up to 12,000 envelopes/26,000 sheets per hour. A large PC controlled touch screen monitor ensures ease of use and accurate mail processing with document integrity.

“Once again we had a problem with packing the cardboard applicators, so we visited Neopost’s engineer and support team in Romford. They quickly came up with an ideal solution.”“In addition to the DS-1200, Neopost also removed our old equipment, supplied us with an address printer for printing test kits with the necessary 2D barcodes and a Neopost DS-140, which can handle any overflow work and provides relief for servicing and downtime of the DS-1200. The logistics of installing such an intricate solution in a limited space, whilst maintaining our service to the public, was technically challenging, and a high level of support was needed to configure the equipment. It took time, but Neopost’s engineers worked diligently to complete the work to our satisfaction.”

Customer Feedback 

Since the installation was completed, Ian has been very happy with the results and the ongoing support from Neopost. “Reliability and quality of output is excellent, as is the response rate, training and onsite support provided by Neopost’s staff. With the new Neopost solution we have been able to radically improve efficiency by reducing the man hours spent on the postal process whilst simultaneously reducing errors.”


The logistics of installing such an intricate solutionb in a limited space, whilst maintaining our service to the public, was technically challenging, and high level of support was needed to configure the equipment.