July 17th, 2014

New Horizons Case Study

New Horizons save time and money with DS-62 Folder Inserter

New Horizons is a leading full-service advertising agency specialising in a wide variety of media. Founded in Cheshire in 1992 New Horizons has over 17 years of valuable experience in producing cost-effective marketing solutions for a multitude of successful clients with advertising budgets of all sizes. 



Improve the printing collating and packing of up to 1000 items a day when speedy turnaround is critical.


Improved efficiency – and a more enjoyable experience for staff from beginning to end.


Super efficient DS-62 folder inserter with unique Load n’ Go® and Flexfeed® facilities.


Allow the whole team to make the most of our bespoke solution.

We can quickly process mail shots to our customers in little more than the time it takes to print out  the letters.

Randal Davies- New Horizon's Company Director 

The Challenge 

In response to enquiries generated from national newspaper and internet advertising, New Horizons produces and sends out client reports by post. Speed is of the essence to make the most of these enquiries but the process was no fun – sending out 1000 packs a day was both time consuming and physically demanding.

The Process

Neopost worked with New Horizons to develop a solution that could be used by the whole organisation. We also looked at ways to increase flexibility and create further marketing opportunities.

The Solution 

We installed a DS-62 folder inserter – our easy to use mid level folder inserter that takes up to five items and folds them into either a DL or C5 size envelope, which is then sealed. Providing a high level of automation and productivity, the DS-62 collates all documents for inclusion in a letter, then folds and inserts them into an envelope. Once completed, envelopes are automatically sealed and neatly stacked ready for posting. With Neopost’s Load n’ Go® facility everybody can use the DS-62. Just load the documents and envelopes and press the button to go. Just run Load n’ Go®and store the settings in one of the 9 available jobs. A further feature of the DS-62 is the Flexfeed®. This can be filled with smaller items to insert, such as a flyer or a reply-paid envelope – thus increasing marketing opportunities and response rates.


Delivery and Results 

New Horizon’s director Randal Davies commented, “The DS-62 we purchased has made a huge difference to the time we spend preparing these reports for mailing. Printing, collating and packing 1,000 items in one day has suddenly become a lot more pleasurable. Finished and stapled reports are produced from a high-speed copier which takes the top sheet of each document from a separate tray, because these have the recipient’s name and address pre-printed on them. These reports are literally ‘hot off the press’ and are ready to fold and place into the window envelopes.”“We fill the Flexfeed® tray with a flyer advertising one of our offers.” says Randal. “These are then automatically inserted into the envelopes along with the reports. This provides us with an extra revenue stream which we didn’t have before.”


Customer Feedback 

“Neopost have made a vast difference to the way we work. Their DS-62 has made our work more enjoyable and, to me, that’s where its true value is. And now that it’s sitting here, we can quickly process mail shots to our customers in little more than the time it takes to print out the letters. This helps us to maintain customer relationships which in turn mean better business in the longer term.” Randal Davies - Company Director.


Printing, collating and packing 1,000 items in one day has suddenly become a lot more pleasurable.