July 17th, 2014

Neopost IMW-20 Case Study

Members of the support group provide valuable back-up for Neopost’s national network of field service engineers. The support group provides logistical assistance - should a customer query arise after an engineering visit, the support group team also checks the engineer’s field service report to determine the work that was carried out so the customer issue can be resolved.


Automate a manual document management system that was a drain on resources.


Significant time and productivity benefits – and valuable office space freed up!


Packed with the latest technology for fast document processing and archiving, the IMW-20 ‘out of the box’ solution can be up and running in just one hour. 


Working with the team to develop a system to meet current needs – and future growth.

Now we don't have to find additional space as more and more engineer fileld service reports are generated. 

Paul Hinkins- Incoming Mail Prodcut Manager 

The Challenge


The existing method was a labour intensive process that took as long as a quarter of an hour as Paul Hinkins, Incoming Mail Product Manager for Neopost explains, “The engineers’ field service reports were filed manually in a large filing room. To retrieve a service report the process was to manually locate the report in a filing cabinet; scan it as an attachment to the support operator’s own email account using the scanner on a multifunction printer; forward the attached report to the customer and then re-file the original hard copy report in the filing cabinet – this might need to be done several times a day.”


The Process

To streamline the whole process the Neopost IMW-20 document management system was installed. The system can digitise, process and store incoming mail and internal documents such as the service reports with just one touch providing a digital alternative to paper documents. The IMW-20 has an A4 full duplex scanner with automatic 50 page feeder that can scan up to 2,000 pages per day, simultaneously saving these pages to its 1,000 GB hard drive, so no external server is required.

The Solution 

Packed with the latest technology for fast document processing and archiving users can typically start working with the IMW-20 ‘out of the box’ in just one hour.


Delivery and Results

Following installation the engineers support group can now scan all the service reports into the IMW-20 system for electronic storage. When there is a need to retrieve a report the operator simply retrieves the scanned document to their own PC and then forwards it to the customer by email. A comprehensive range of search options combined with automatic OCR (optical character recognition) make retrieving the stored documents simplicity itself. As a result the whole process now takes a matter of minutes instead of at least a quarter of an hour for each enquiry.

Customer Feedback 

While the time and productivity benefits of the IMW-20 have proved to be significant, the system has provided additional ROI value says Paul. “The old filing room has been emptied of filing cabinets and is now a meeting room that can seat eight - this has proved to be a major bonus. It also means that we don’t have to find additional archive filing space as more and more engineer field service reports are generated.”


The IMW-20 system can digitise, process and store incoming mail and internal documents and reports with just one touch.