About Gecko

Gecko is a Customer Engagement Agency. Their scientific approach to data, fused with creativity helps brands to win, retain and grow their customers. The Company has a strong belief in the value of relevance to create impact for their customers. Gecko’s delivery of personalised communications, across multiple channels always spark positive responses.

Gecko has an annual turnover of £8m, with offices in Leeds, London and Dublin. They drive customer retention for their clients through targeted, personalised marketing campaigns. Gecko knows customers and it’s this deep understanding that ensures their campaigns improve their clients’ return on investment by 20-40%.

The challenge

Gecko’s first contact with Neopost took place around 3 years ago, when the Company investigated the possibilities presented by Neopost’s production mail technology. Although it was clear that the Neopost technology platform was the most appropriate for them, the time wasn’t right. Over the period, Neopost kept engaged with Gecko, which culminated with a visit to DRUPA and an introduction to the latest DS-1200 inserting system. With Gecko’s requirement for the ability to link production output to an increasing need to deploy their personalised, data driven campaigns, the DS-1200 was an ideal choice.


The process


Gecko visited Neopost’s Centre of Excellence in Loughton, to witness in greater detail the flexibility that the DS-1200 could provide. The urgency to improve their production processes was enhanced by a major contract win, which proved challenging for the Company’s existing equipment. The complexity of the impending new work effectively meant that, in meeting their clients’ demands, production would be massively labour intensive and costly. There were also significant concerns that the manual processes involved in utilising their existing equipment would reduce integrity and introduce an unacceptable risk of data breaches. Gecko’s service proposition is all about delivering personalised communications, which imparts a strong requirement for flexibility and agile delivery, from an inserting system. To drive the composition process, Gecko utilise Neopost's Inspire Customer Communication Management (CCM) platform. Identified by leading analysts; such as Gartner, Forrester and IDC as one of leading technology platforms, Inspire has proven to be the CCM solution of choice for many of the leading print and marketing services providers across the globe. With such a powerful composition

engine driving output, users of the system require a flexible and robust inserting system to deploy its full production capabilities.


The solution

Having investigated the market, understood the support available from Neopost and analysed vendors for the most flexible production mail system, Gecko took the decision to invest in a DS-1200, coupled with Neopost’s AIMS automated insertion management system. The success of Gecko’s market proposition has introduced even greater demands on the Neopost Group’s DS-1200 and Quadient Inspire technologies. An example of this is one particular customer, where a highly complex job has grown from 250 to 12,000 packs per day. Previously, the demands of this work required significant levels of manual intervention and checks at each stage of the production process. Gecko’s previous inserting system, based on older technology, mean that the job could take 21 hours of preparation and up to 13 hours to insert and enclose. Having now migrated the work to the DS-1200, the inserting and enclosing process has been massively reduced to just 3-4 hours - a huge mprovement in production efficiencies and cost reduction. The outcome of thismigration and the utilisation of GMC Inspire and the DS-1200, has completely removed production bottlenecks and created greater production capacity. The technology’s flexibility has also created more capacity for an existing booklet maker, with vastly improved workflow efficiency. What level of efficiency has been gained? According to Andy Cromack, Production

Manager at Gecko, “The improvement in efficiency has been almost unbelievable. With the introduction of the DS-1200 our production downtime has reduced to an almost negligible 0.2%!”


Delivery and results


The implementation of any production systems can present challenges, but for Gecko the experience has been efficient and seamless. Andy commented, “It’s been great. Neopost has held our hands all the way and just couldn’t do enough to help.” Gecko benefitted from Neopost’s Commissioning, Delivery, Installation and Training (CDIT) service to ensure a painless implementation process. High levels of technical and customer service were delivered throughout the process, involving account management, service and technical personnel. “The engineers have been great and the operators love the system,” Andy summarised the experience. Tomorrows technology today Gecko didn’t want to find themselves in a commodity, volume DM environment. Managing Director, Chris Bottomley has a specific view, “Our ethos is in creating true value to customer communication.”

The combination of GMC Inspire and the DS-1200 Neopost technologies has introduced greater levels of flexibility for their clients. From a duty of care perspective, Gecko needed to ensure that their customer communications were totally compliant, with full integrity. “Basically, the solution does not let you make mistakes,” Andy commented further.


The future

With leading edge technologies in situ, Gecko is able to deliver even greater returns to their customers. The Company is quietly confident that they have found the best technology platforms for the future. The installation of the DS-1200 has really allowed them to deliver against the full capabilities of GMC Inspire.


Customer feedback

Andy Cromack summarised this viewpoint, “We have a growth plan for the company and now a robust platform to achieve it. If our direction of travel continues (currently ahead of expectation), I can’t see us looking beyond Neopost for further technology investment in the future.”

"With the introduction of the DS-1200 ournproduction downtime has reduced to an almostnegligible 0.2%!"
Andy Cromack,
Production Manager at Gecko