FCS Laser Mail is one of the UK’s leading print, mail and communications service providers. The Company focuses on assisting it’s customers with their requirements for high volume and integrity customer and prospect communications. FCS is a full-service provider, offering a broad portfolio of services to clients, including mailing and fulfilment, printing, hybrid mail and digital archiving. Having been established in 1996, FCS Laser Mail has grown significantly, with an impressive customer base, encompassing manufacturers, local authorities, educational institutions and major corporations. The Company prides itself on delivering professionalism, responsiveness and a respect for the confidentiality of its clients and their stakeholders.


As a major provider of mailing services FCS was cognisant of the changing requirements of its markets and customers. The Company’s customers needs were changing, with an increasing requirement for more personalised physical communications and campaigns.

According to Steve Beeching, Managing Director at FCS, “Over time we have witnessed a significant change in our customer’s requirements. We have seen a reduction in long-run, generic mailing jobs with a migration to shorter runs, in line with demands for greater highly targeted personalisation.”

With impressive mailing firepower, in the form of multiple high-volume production mail inserting lines and digital printing systems, FCS fully understood that in order to meet the changing needs of its customers it needed to invest in new technologies, providing greater flexibility.

As well as increased flexibility, the Company also had a desire to offer robust resilience and disaster recovery to its clients, with the ability to load balance mailing volumes across multiple production sites.

Alongside requirements from a production perspective, FCS also demanded increased focus on ensuring greater levels of integrity through its mailing processes. Beeching commented “the full implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and its adoption into UK law in the guise of the Data Protection Act (2018) has seen greater demands from our customers. The ability to ensure secure mailing services and the protection of the associated personal data has become absolutely vital to our clients.”


FCS Laser Mail first came across Neopost’s production mailing capabilities after attending a major print show. This was subsequently followed by a call from one of Neopost’s specialist Production Mail Business Managers, to understand the requirement in more detail.

Through the course of the conversations between the two companies, a number of key requirements were identified. Major drivers for FCS included the replacement of older inserting technologies, with a solution geared towards mid-run, high complexity personalised mailing jobs. This was in line with the increasing customer demands for more targeted mailing campaigns.

It was also identified that any new technology must integrate seamlessly with the Company’s existing file- based processing and document composition infrastructure.

With a long relationship with an alternative vendor of production inserters, it was imperative that Neopost demonstrated its professionalism, understanding of both the market and technological changes in order to deliver peace of mind to the Company.


Having fully understood the current and future requirements for FCS Laser Mail, Neopost identified that the most suitable solution for the Company’s requirements would be the DS-1200 G4i inserter with an inline dynamic envelope printer, alongside Neopost’s Automated Inserting Management System (AIMS).

FCS set some robust challenges to Neopost, in the form of its requirements for production efficiencies, uptime, rapid job changes and the ability to seamlessly handle a variety of mailing jobs in a timely manner.

Neopost fully accepted the challenge, for which its technologies passed with flying colours. Beeching’s view on the performance is clear “we set Neopost clear guidelines as to what we expected to see from the mailing solution. Having worked with another supplier for many years, we had some internal challenges to overcome, but Neopost and the DS-1200 G4i has delivered on all promises made.”


The DS-1200 G4i has proved more than capable of meeting the challenging production environment at FCS Laser Mail. As well as seamlessly meeting the demands for more flexible production, the ergonomics and intuitive nature of the inserter has also provided additional benefits.

The previous, older technologies, we utilised would typically require two operators. The simplicity of Neopost’s technologies meant that the DS-1200 G4i, in comparison, only requires a single operator. The system’s intuitive nature also means that less skilled operators are equally at ease with the DS-1200 G4i as the Company’s more experienced employees.

In reality the technology has provided a reduction in operating costs for inserting. With lower operating overheads, the new system has already made a significant contribution to the Company’s performance. Again, Beeching commented “the Neopost inserter has, through its lower operating costs, made a real difference to the bottom line of our mailing process.”

So pleased, in fact, were FCS Laser Mail with the DS-1200 G4i that a second machine was delivered, just 5 months after the first installation. The delivery and logistics for this second machine were highly important, as this coincided with the further expansion of FCS and the opening of a new production facility.


In summary of the experience in working with Neopost “the experience has been nothing short of superb, we have been monumentally impressed. The machine has over delivered against everything we asked of it and Neopost has proven to be a highly professional organisation to deal with. Would I recommend Neopost to anyone looking at a production system? Absolutely, without question!”