July 17th, 2014

Mill Auto Supplies Case Studies

Mill Auto Supplies Ltd is a leading supplier of automotive parts and accessories. Dealing predominantly with the trade, the company has a network of 17 branches with a total of 150 vans on the road delivering parts all across the south west. 


Reduce space and handling needs for expanding auto supplies company.


Increased document availability coupled with reduced handling and storage has saved a lot of time and improved workflow.


Neopost's electronic document management system provides the facility to digitise, process and electronically store internal documents with just a few clicks.


Onsite visits and a double demo gave the client complete confidence.

When Neopost gave us a demo of their incoming mail management system  we were really impressed with how easy and fast it was to process documents. 

Tony Watson- Mill Auto Supplies 

The Challenge 

Despite difficult trading conditions, Mill Auto Supplies has thrived. Success does however bring its own challenges – including the problem of where to store the high number of documents generated by the business. Tony Watson, Company Accountant for Mill Auto Supplies, explains, “Storage space is at a premium in the car parts business and having a large area taken up by documents isn’t a profitable way of using the space we have. Each invoice is handled four or five times during the course of its lifespan which is a lot of labour, effort, time and cost, not to mention the cost of space which could be better used by holding stock.” Tony decided it was time for a change, and contacted Neopost.

The Process

Following a consultation with Tony, Neopost visited Mill Auto Supplies to meet the team and provide a demonstration. A second demo followed to make sure they knew the ins and outs of the system before deciding to place an order with Neopost for their incoming mail scanning software system.


The Solution

Neopost’s system provides the facility to digitise, process and electronically store internal documents such as receipts, invoices or incoming mail with just a few clicks. An A4 full duplex scanner with automatic 50 page feeder can scan up to 2000 pages per day, simultaneously saving these pages to its 1000 GB hard drive. No external server is required; the system's hard drive has enough capacity to store literally millions of documents. A comprehensive range of search options combined with automatic OCR (optical character recognition) and an ergonomic touch screen interface make retrieving stored documents simplicity itself. Tony continues “When Neopost gave us a demo of the incoming mail scanning software we were really impressed with how easy and fast it was to process documents. We had looked at similar solutions in the past but the software to search and retrieve invoices had been much more limited.” 

Delivery and Results 

Tony continues, “Neopost were very thorough during the installation and took great care to ensure that everything was set up correctly. Following the installation Neopost’s engineers have revisited our site a few times to check how things are going and have tweaked the machine to get it working in the optimum way for our company. Reliability and quality of scanned documents is everything we expected, and on the rare occasion that we’ve experienced a fault Neopost have been very quick to resolve the issue.” The introduction of the system to Mill Auto Supplies workflow has greatly improved efficiency through increased availability of documents. Tony continues, “Once scanned you can access documents either from a desktop application on the system itself or from a web browser if you’re working remotely - it’s eliminated the need to go searching for a document. Increased document availability coupled with reduced handling and storage has saved a lot of time, and we will notice storage space rapidly opening up as we begin to get rid of old files which will provide greater savings and allow us to make more profitable use out of our storage space.”

Customer Feedback 

Tony concludes, “We’ve been really pleased with both the mail management system and Neopost’s service. From the demo stage to the installation to subsequent after sales support, Neopost’s staff have been excellent and highly responsive. We’re also exploring ways in which the software could help us to manage the flow and distribution of incoming mail, which could in time lead to further improvements in efficiency.”

Neopost's IMW-20 provides the facility to digitise, process and electronically store internal documents such as receipts, invoices or incoming mail with just a few clicks.