McCartneys LLP is a livestock auctioneer with five livestock centres in four counties. The company also operates a chain of 20 estate agent and chartered surveyor offices in the Welsh Marches, mid-Wales and the West Midlands.


Streamline preparation of mail and reduce costs.


Significant return on investment and savings on time and energy.


Neopost installed a mail production folder inserter and Data Improver Software.


Installation and training was provided and benefits were immediately apparent.


Our account manager asked me if we had ever considere using a folder-inserter machine to automate our regular bulk mailings.

-Mary Uffold


The Challenge 

The main livestock centre is in Ludlow and it is from here that the company posts out 700 market reports every Tuesday morning and every two weeks 1,500 catalogues for livestock sales. Receptionist and administrator Mary Uffold found it a challenging task. “It took a lot of staff time and resources but it’s an essential part of our business. I have been with the company for seven years and the bulk mailings have always been managed manually.”

The Process 

As a Neopost customer, McCartneys received regular visits from their Neopost Account Manager. “We already had a Neopost franking machine and our Account Manager asked me if we had ever considered using a folder-inserter machine to automate our regular bulk mailings. He worked out the costings including projected savings and they looked very attractive. So we agreed
to give the machine a trial period.”

The Solution

Neopost’s folder-inserter can save countless staff hours by automatically collating and assembling all documents for inclusion, before folding them together and finally inserting them into an envelope at a speed of up to 4,800 envelopes per hour. The folder inserter is a highly versatile system, inserting into DL, C4, C5 and C6 envelopes, with the option to include up to 50 pages in each envelope. A high loading capacity matches its high speed, meaning a minimum of manual intervention is required to keep the machine running, and a 15 inch graphical touch screen also allows users to access a multitude of finishing options to design and deliver bespoke messages.


In addition to the inserter, Neopost also supplied Data Improver software, designed to better enable customers to accurately manage databases. The Data Improver solution is web based making it easy and intuitive for non-technical staff to use so it requires no specific data analytics skills. In operation it lets staff quickly and conveniently ensure customer and prospect address information is accurate and suitable for delivery.

Delievry and results

Mary states, “The installation and training went very well and the benefits were immediately apparent. Before, much of my time was spent filling envelopes. In all, three members of staff spent three days every week preparing the mailings for posting out. With the Neopost folder inserter it now takes just a few hours with most of the work done by the machine once it’s set-up. The Data Improver software also means we are more confident about the accuracy of our data and have fewer items returned as a result.

Customer Feedback

There should be a significant return on investment from using the folder inserter, Mary believes. “It has saved us so much time and energy, performing a mundane and routine task. The folder inserter
has only been installed a few months so it’s not possible yet to give a figure on the eventual cost saving, but the business proposal presented by Neopost anticipates that the total benefit to the business could be over £15,200 a year”, Mary predicts.


The total benefit to the business could be over £15,200 a year.

-Mary Uffold