July 17th, 2014

Marina Case Study

Neopost archiving system keeps marina from drowning in paper

Situated in South-West England this major marina provides berths for 250 boats. The Marina offers an extensive range of on-site services including marine engine servicing and rebuilds, hull repairs, marine electrical and electronic services with additional facilities such as an extensively stocked chandlery.



Expanding Marina was quickly running out of space due to archiving needs .  


Fully digitalised system frees storage space, reduces waste and lowers carbon footprint.


IMW-20 is a highly affordable system and is packed with the latest technology.  


Full set-up and training ensured Marina made the most of this featue-packed kit. 

At the price it was the best system for us, simple to use and easy to retrieve documents. 

Marina Financial Controller 

The Challenge

The marina generates a lot of paper work and this was beginning to cause problems as the Financial Controller explains. “We were generating 35 boxes of archived paperwork a year that had to be stored and kept on file. We were putting boxes into the loft space of our offices, but running out of room. So we decided to look for an electronic archiving alternative.”


The Process

The Financial Controller and colleagues looked at a number of alternative systems including the Neopost IMW-20 document management system. “I contacted Neopost because we already had two pieces of their equipment including a franking machine, so I knew that they provided good service. Neopost demonstrated the system in our offices and we were able to see our own paper work scanned into electronic folders. At the price it was the best system for us, simple to use and easy to retrieve documents.”


The Solution 

The IMW-20 is a highly affordable system suitable for small to medium size businesses. Packed with the latest technology for fast document processing and archiving users can typically start working with the IMW-20 ‘out of the box’ in just one hour. The IMW-20 has an A4 full duplex scanner with automatic 50 page feeder that can scan up to 2,000 pages per day, simultaneously saving these pages to its 1,000 GB hard drive. No external server is required because the IMW-20’s hard drive has enough capacity to store literally millions of documents. A comprehensive range of search options combined with automatic OCR (optical character recognition) and an ergonomic touch screen interface make retrieving stored documents simplicity itself.


Delievery and Results 

“Neopost came to install the system and set-up the basic work processes and file folders for us. That made it much easier to get going with the system. Training was provided for three of our staff and it was all very friendly and straightforward to learn. We have moved all our accounts paperwork onto the system scanning things like supplier invoices and receipts. We are working towards scanning all incoming mail and eventually want to scan all paperwork for the marina.”

In terms of operation the Financial Controller has been impressed with the IMW-20 system. “The functionality is exactly what we need. The most important thing is that it’s not only simple to file but also easy to retrieve documents.” A powerful search engine makes finding and retrieving documents straightforward with full PDF thumbnail viewing for easy recognition. “The support files on the system are good and provide all the help required,”  he confirms.

Electronic filing using the IMW-20 system has allowed the marina to cut-down its paper filing, “We’ve been able to save office space by eliminating much of our paper filing which makes for a better working environment and frees up space for more important uses.”

Since its installation the IMW-20 system has proved to be very reliable. “We haven’t required a call-out for either the software or hardware. But our Neopost account manager pops in from time to time to keep an eye on us and checks that we’re happy with all their kit.”

Customer Feedback 

Overall the marina has been pleased with the IMW-20 system and with Neopost’s service. “I’d rate them very good as a supplier. They talked through our needs and demonstrated how the system could meet our requirements. It’s proved to be a cost-effective solution for us and has the added benefit of reducing our carbon footprint to help the environment.”

A powerful search engine makes finding and retrieving documents straightforward with full PFD thumbnail viewing for easy recognition.