November 10th, 2016


Mailbizz started out over 21 years ago and continue today as a family owned business with a focus on delivering a professional, customer focused approach to their business activities. The organisation provides a range of diverse services to its customers, across key areas such as fulfilment, media response, telephony as well as mailing services.


To introduce new mailing technology that is robust enough and able to handle higher volume bulk requirements enabling optimisation within the mailing environment.


A huge increase in efficiency and ability to handle higher volume requirements.


DS-1200 folder inserter was introduced to ensure that production uptime was optimised. To ensure that operators were both fully conversant with and confident in utilising the technology.


The experience with Neopost to date has built a strong partnership or future growth and enabled us to maintain a competitive advantage.

The Challenge

Mailbizz had entered the hybrid mail arena, offering outsourced mailing services to its clients. The organisation also wished to pick up more in the way of daily mail volumes as well as the higher volume bulk requirement, typically associated with hybrid mail solutions.

With this additional focus in mind, the organisation needed to ensure that their mailing technology was suitably robust and flexible enough the deal with variable volumes.

Previously, Mailbizz had been operating using older ‘swing arm’ technology to deliver their mailing services. In line with the changing shape of the business requirement, the organisation was aware of a need to investigate the latest technologies, with an additional requirement around ensuring that higher levels of mail integrity and compliance was achievable. Mailbizz first engaged with Neopost on the basis of a recommendation from one of their business partners.

Addressing the Challenge

Having been recommended, Neopost quickly engaged with Mailbizz to fully understand the nature of the requirement in sufficient detail. Neopost’s Enterprise Mail team, who specifically focus on production print and mail environments, were in attendance to understand the specific requirement for the company and make suitable recommendations on how Mailbizz’s customer needs could be best addressed. According to Neil Bullock, IT & Operations Director at Mailbizz “Neopost’s specialist personnel worked long hours to fully understand our needs and suggest the best solution to meet our requirements.”

Internally, one of the key challenges that Mailbizz faced, was one of introducing new technologies and ensuring the operators were both fully conversant with and confident in utilising and optimising the benefits that the technology could deliver.

During discussions with Neopost, Mailbizz were confident in both the technology and the ability of Neopost’s specialist personnel to implement and commission the solution effectively. Such was the confidence in Neopost’s product and support services, no other vendors were considered and Mailbizz elected to proceed with the Neopost proposition.

The Solution

Having identified the specific needs of Mailbizz, Neopost recommended that the best solution was the DS-1200 folder inserter. The automatic job changes and high levels of document integrity, inherent to the system, was an ideal fit to meet the flexible nature of the work that Mailbizz needed to produce.

As well as the flexibility requirement, Mailbizz also needed to ensure that production uptime was optimised. The introduction of leading edge technology and Neopost support services ensured that efficiencies would be fully realised. Neopost prides itself on its support network for high volume and complex mailers and the installation, implementation and commissioning process we deploy ensures that customers have the ability to meet their demands in an expedient manner to maximise their business returns.

The Neopost Experience

Successful implementation of a new solution is about far more than just the hardware and technology. Organisations also need robust support through the installation and commissioning process. As an integral component of the Neopost service proposition, a structured implementation and commissioning approach is fully deployed.

Although not without initial challenges, the levels of support provided by Neopost ensured that operators were fully confident in utilising the new technology, but also that the solution fully met the organisation’s needs. Mailbizz felt valued as customers throughout the process and according to Neil “Neopost had lots of people to talk through during the implementation and commissioning process. We feel that Neopost and Mailbizz have evolved together through the process with a strong understanding of needs for both parties.”

One key challenge for both Mailbizz and Neopost was that a high profile customer project needed to be delivered shortly after the DS-1200 was installed. On this matter Neil stated “a large 250,000 run job needed to be mailed and fulfilled shortly after commissioning. This job was for one of our major clients, in the charitable sector. Being fundraising in nature, it was of extremely high importance to our client.”

In order to ensure successful delivery of the project, Neopost worked very closely with Mailbizz. Key Neopost personnel were on-site during production, in order to ensure that everything ran smoothly. The result of which, was successful delivery of the work in a suitably timely manner. With regard to this, Neil commented “I have to thank Neopost and especially their service engineers, for their dedication and customer service. I was kept fully informed throughout the project and was impressed with their honesty, openness and professionalism, through the time critical implementation process.”

The Benefits

Following the introduction of the DS-1200 to Mailbizz, the organisation now has the technology and confidence to both produce existing work and to seek further opportunities for additional projects. In highlighting this point, Neil commented “the solution and support from Neopost has given us the ability to actively seek and win new business for Mailbizz. More than a just about the technology, the DS-1200 really has given us a robust platform for ongoing business growth.”

Neopost’s approach in supporting the print and mail production sectors is very much about enabling organisations to deliver diverse services to their clients, in order to deliver incremental revenues, in line with changing customer needs.

The Future

The successful implementation at Mailbizz, has allowed the organisation to grow and develop. Mailbizz focus on investigating and understanding their customers’ challenges, in order to deliver bespoke added value solutions in meeting their needs.

Going forward, the organisation is keen to develop new service propositions, in order to continue to create sustainable value. The experience with Neopost to date has built a strong partnership for future growth. In being asked to summarise the relationship Neil commented “we have complex requirements at Mailbizz and Neopost has proven that they will work closely with us, to ensure we can maintain competitive advantage in delivering new services for our clients. I would highly recommend Neopost as a partner, to anyone involved in the production print and mail sectors.”