The London Borough of Hackey is a London borough located in North East London that serves a population of over 200,000 providing its wide diversity of constituents with hundreds of essiental services. 


Keep records fully accessible but reduce handeling and storage.


£7 million saved to date ongoing saving of £200,00 per annum. 


Council Document Managment (CDM) software created an accessible electronic repository for documents anmd records.


neopost worked with client's overall plan to introduce an effective solution. 


CDM solution enables users to scan and convert both hard copy and electronic documents into electronic formats which can then be easily archived into a database.

The Challenge 

Providing so many services inevitably leads to the production of significant volumes of paper documents and electronic information. The need for ready access to these documents in combination with the long term storage, preservation and secure management of records, was becoming increasingly problematic. 

With the increasing cost of real estate it was becoming impractical to maintain the space required to store physical documents, and so Hackney decided that the time had come to tackle its disparate information silos which were situated across multiple locations. In addition to the cost implications of storing significant volumes of physical documents, complications in accessing the information were also being experienced which directly impacted on Hackney’s ability to provide effective frontline services to its stakeholders. Storing physical documents, whilst maintaining the appropriate levels of access and security, was also becoming increasingly difficult to manage.

The Process 

As part of an overall strategy to reduce physical document storage, Hackney looked to introduce a different approach into records management. Central to the project was the implementation of a solution called Council Document Management (CDM) software, creating an electronic repository for the council’s documents and records.

The solution 

This powerful CDM solution enables users to scan and convert both hard copy and electronic documents into electronic formats which can then be easily archived into a database. This software can recognise machine and hand printed words, barcodes and a variety of other information which provides highly accurate indexing and in turn makes it quick and simple to locate and retrieve archived documents when necessary. This CDM solution also provides the option to set security parameters for each document to ensure access is restricted where appropriate.

Delivery and Results 

Having chosen a solution, Hackney began a council wide migration mfrom physical documentation, with departments across the council utilising the CDM software to scan and capture documents for digital storage. By automating many existing manual processes the Council was able to deliver enhanced service and deal with customer queries more efficiently using less dedicated resource.

Customer Feedback 

Since migrating to a digital document store a number of benefits have been observed by Hackney. Freedom of Information responses improved from 75% to 95% being responded to within deadlines, improving customer service, which in turn means the reputation of the Council is greatly increased.


By negating the need for additional floor space within the Hackney Service Centre, the Council has been able to save approximately £7 million, with an additional ongoing saving of £200,000 per annum.