April 14th, 2016


Kingsline Solutions has been in business for 8 years, starting out as a digital print and mailing provider. Kingsline had provided traditional print and mail services to its customers, but going forward its strategy was to migrate into more intelligent, data-driven marketing solutions. The company looked to combine the latest digital printing technology, expert IT and data skills, alongside innovative fulfillment solutions in order to deliver high impact, integrated marketing campaigns. As winners of Digital Printer Awards for Added Value and Innovative Use of Data, Kingsline is at the leading edge of intelligent print and mail services.


To find a robust production mail system, with the capability to manage complex mailing jobs.


Productivity has increased and the system has integrated seamlessly into Kingsline’s production process. Operators find the system straightforward and easy to use.


Neopost investigated the production environment and business plans at Kingsline and suggested the DS-1200G3 Folder Inserter.


Neopost took a team from Kingsline to visit an existing print and mail customer to witness how the DS-1200G3 operated in a production environment.

The DS-1200G3 has really proven to be the right choice for a growing business like Kingsline. Originally we started running just 40,000 packs per month through the system, now we handle the same volume every day! The machine has handled this increase with ease, with almost no downtime!

David Saunders

The challenge

Having mapped out the business strategy to move away from commodity print into more complex projects, Kingsline needed to ensure that its production capabilities met the changing demands of its customers and their ongoing marketing needs. As a result of analysing current capabilities, it was found that their existing envelope inserter was more suited to generic direct marketing than the more complex, intelligent work the company was looking to produce. 

In identifying this capability gap, the directors needed to identify a suitable solution, capable of meeting both Kingsline’s growing volumes and the increasing need for flexibility. The company’s requirement meant finding a robust production mail system, with the capability to manage complex mailing jobs, without any reduction in performance efficiency and productivity. 

The process 

In looking for a solution for their specific needs, Kingsline engaged with Neopost to understand what options might be available. Neopost’s Enterprise Mail team specialise in high volume and complex mailing environments, and look to deploy a consultative approach in order to gain a detailed understanding of individual customers’ needs. 

From Kingsline’s perspective, it was important that a technology partner fully understood both the technical production needs and also its future business direction. According to David Saunders, Director at Kingsline, “One of the main things that impressed us about Neopost was that the company understood where the business was going and the nature of work we were looking to produce.” 

Having investigated the production environment and business plans at Kingsline, Neopost suggested the DS-1200G3 inserter as the best solution for the company’s needs. In order to provide a proof of concept and to witness how the DS-1200G3 operated in a production environment, Neopost took a team from Kingsline to visit an existing print and mail customer. As David explains, “Having seen the DS-1200G3 running in a production environment, I was impressed at how the system coped with high volumes whilst displaying real flexibility in handling variable jobs.” As well as providing technology to produce intelligent mailing campaigns, it was important that any new system would need, in the future, to retrospectively link to the existing printing systems. Kingsline were confident that the system and the expertise of the Neopost team would make this a seamless requirement.

Delivery and results 

Although Kingsline purchased the DS-1200G3 for its flexibility, the system has shown just how robust and reliable it operates, even in a demanding production environment. The system has efficiently managed everything that has been demanded of it, from a highly complex marketing campaign to a recent more traditional direct mail requirement for 3.5 million items, over a short period of time.

According to David, “The DS-1200G3 has really proven to be the right choice for a growing business like Kingsline. Originally we started running just 40,000 packs per month through the system, now we handle the same volume every day! The machine has handled this increase with ease, with almost no downtime!” 

In terms of the benefits that Kingsline has observed since the installation of the DS-1200G3, the key measure is that of productivity. As well as running efficiently, the system has integrated seamlessly into the company’s production process. Further benefits have been derived from the DS-1200G3’s inherent ease of use. Operators find the system straightforward and less resource heavy than its predecessor. This has meant that more time has been created to free up time for other production requirements. 

Customer feedback 

In summing up the experience with Neopost, David stated, “Kingsline wanted to invest in more than just equipment, the relationship with our technology partners and their understanding of our needs is paramount. Neopost has shown us that they are with us for the long term, meeting not only today’s needs, but also those of our future direction.”