May 10th, 2016

HR Records

The client in this case study is one of the UK’s largest independent financial advisory groups, employing around 2800 people in 40 countries worldwide. Governments, companies and individuals go to them for merger & acquisition advice, wealth management, fundraising and banking requirements. The London office is home to Banking and Merchant Banking activities, Global Financial Advisory business as well as being home to company archives.


The impending consolidation of three London sites into one presented the client’s HR function with the requirement to make huge reductions in stored paper volume.


The client has made an approximate 80 sq ft reduction in filing cabinets, amounting to an estimated £15,000 per annum in the new premises.


A 3-part solution was rolled out. This comprised of utilising DCS software:

• Off-site scanning of HR records
• FileStore HR Records Management System
• On-site document capture


The client cited confidentiality as a key concern in this project. DCS was finally selected in part due to its strenuous efforts in demonstrating both efficiency and security at the proof of concept stage.

We have freed up valuable office space and moved our HR records securely online. The subdivision format of our electronic HR files reflects the previous paper format so the system is familiar and easy to teach to new HR staff.

HR Projects Manager

The challenge

The impending consolidation of three London sites into one presented the client’s HR function with the requirement to make huge reductions in stored paper volume. Following an internal ‘housekeeping’ exercise (in which up to 10% of paper based filing was purged and disposed of) the HR function concluded that the rest should be dealt with through an e-archiving project – to be put out to competitive tender. Determining that only a small proportion of any employee’s personnel file actually needed to be kept in hard copy, they therefore sought to make drastic reductions in the amount of linear metres of paper files and the square feet they occupied so that the HR function could efficiently use the allocated capacity in the new premises. The scope of the project would deal with some 1600 HR files totalling around 260,000 images to be stored. As a historically distinguished company, the client cited confidentiality as a key concern in this project. DCS was finally selected in part due to its strenuous efforts in demonstrating both efficiency and security at the proof of concept stage.

The process

In addition to addressing space and security concerns, the client wanted to harness the other benefits associated with on-line document storage provided by DCS. These include efficiencies in working practice, improved business continuity provision, adherence to data protection legislation and convenient record searching facilities. All these anticipated benefits would be accomplished in rolling out the following 3-part solution:

Off-site scanning of HR records

The client’s existing HR records were couriered to DCS premises and digitised using the deeply trusted pairing of Kodak scanning hardware with Kofax Capture scanning and workflow process software. Images were automatically cleaned up as necessary and compact image files created for storage. An indexing structure was created for identifying document categories and employee identity. Once captured and checked, the physical documents were returned to the client for secure destruction.

FileStore HR Records Management System

The client opted to implement electronic document management on a Software as a Service (SaaS) basis. FileStore EDM is a wholly web browser based application that forms a central repository for the ongoing storage of HR records. Folders can be set up in different sections and in a hierarchical structure, which allowed them to differentiate current and past employees in the system, as well as reflecting departments and reporting lines. For confidentiality the FileStore repository is protected by a security structure which allows HR managers to control and grant access to files individually independently of the IT department.

On-site document capture

In order to allow HR personnel to continue scanning into the document management system, DCS equipped them with the same Kofax Capture software used in the initial back-scanning phase. The client now has the on-demand facility of a scanning ‘sub-department’ within HR to capture the contents of paper documents straight onto the system. Finally, to achieve integration and synchrony with the existing HR system (PSE from Northgate), a common CSV file format was agreed on. These files would be created by the HR system and recognised by FileStore, allowing information throughput so that electronicorigin HR system data could join paperorigin data in employee files on FileStore EDM.

Delivery and results

  • The client has made an approximate 80 sq ft reduction in filing cabinets, amounting to an estimated £15,000 per annum in the new premises.
  • Paper HR files pared down to the necessary minimum while all HR files are stored electronically.
  • All HR documents, whether generated as paper or electronically (including email), housed in a single online repository.
  • Secure, fast and simple web-based access to records for authorised users from any location. Full audit trail and version control.
  • Supports policies on data protection and legal admissibility for certification or audit against compliance standards. User friendly folder and keyword search.

Customer feedback

“We were looking for a business partner who would instinctively understand and easily deliver on our access and confidentiality requirements. The electronic file and archive system from DCS was clearly the right solution for the job,” claimed the HR Projects Manager.