July 29th, 2016


FBD, a large insurer in Ireland, provide car, home, business and farm insurance for over 500,000 customers. Established for over 40 years they were using a number of CCM systems to provide customer communications.


Multiple CCM systems increased complexity and cost of managing templates.


The more streamlined, consistent and cost effective system enabled cross-sell and up-sell potential and scope for innovative and dynamic multi-channel communications.


GMC Inspire, a single, easy to use platform replaced AIA, MS Word and Print Machine. GMC Inspire is now used by Policy Issuance, Back Office Template Management, Call & Contact Centre operatives, New Business and Claims departments within the company.


GMC Inspire was utilised to ‘re-purpose’ existing templates and give more control to business users.

The challenge

FBD Insurance was using multiple CCM systems to produce their customer communications, increasing both complexity and cost of managing templates. I.T. were restrained from owning business tasks, making document changes a lengthy and difficult process, while frontline staff were using uncontrolled, manual processes for editing templates, greatly increasing the risk of errors. There was also difficulty in redesigning templates and no capability to support digital channels.

The solution

The existing CCM systems, (AIA, MS Word and Print Machine) were all replaced by GMC Inspire software, a single platform

for multi-channel communications.
• More control was given to business users by decoupling the LOB (line of business) application and document generation process.
• 700+ users can now select and edit roles based templates with pre-defined controls over web browser.
• Existing templates were ‘re-purposed’ so new branding could be applied easily – this amounted to the migration of over 800 templates.
• GMC Inspire is also the perfect platform to drive innovative multi-channel communications.

Delivery and results

By using GMC Inspire FBD can now enjoy a host of business benefits:
• Rapid application development and faster product launches.
• Reduced overhead of managing templates.
• Business user empowerment.
• I.T. released from managing LOB tasks.
• Improved brand and quality control in correspondence.
• Up-sell potential and cross sell potential.
• Scope for innovation in multi-channel
e.g. more dynamic, impactful communications that are more effective, and engage the customer.