July 17th, 2014

Coles Solicitors Case Study

Coles Solicitors was formed in 2007 by Peter Gibson as a result of the merger of two well-established North East law firms. They offer a range of services include conveyancing, preparing Wills, administering estates (Probate) accident claims and family work including divorce. They employ and retain a team of dedicated legal professionals able to serve your legal needs in these areas of the law.



Reduce postage costs and staff time at leading north east solicitors practice.


Big savings and improved database control.


Neopost’s AutoStamp solution - ideal for up and coming businesses. 


Working with the client allowed us to offer the best solution for a growing business.

The entire process ran smoothly and exactly as Neopost promised. I wouldnt hesitate in recommending Neopost to anyone. 

Peter Gibson-Coles Solicitors 

The Challenge

Coles had been using valuable time making trips to the Post Office to distribute its mail. All its post was still being sent out with stamps, which involved one of its ten staff having to take time out to visit the local Post Office and queue in line, every day. There was also the administration time involved in preparing cheques for postal payments.

The Process 

Having recognised the need to enhance Coles’ mail handling process, Peter began researching the options. As he explained, “We had received a number of mailings from a variety of franking machine suppliers. Coles initially selected Neopost’s AutoStamp solution, a low cost franking machine, ideal for up and coming businesses. As a result of the AutoStamp’s success, Coles recently upgraded to a Neopost digital franking machine which offers many of the advanced features found on large franking machines, but in a compact, quiet, office friendly package.”

The Solution 

“Since using the Neopost franking machine, all of our outgoing mail now carries an external return address (ERA), so that any undelivered mail is returned to us free of charge by the Post Office,” explained Peter Gibson, “This enables us to accurately keep up-to-date the content of our databases, ensuring that we are not writing to addresses where our clients no longer live and, therefore, saving future mailing costs.”

Delivery and Results 

In addition, the savings on postage stamp costs were a significant factor for Coles. As Peter stated, “There is no loss, as there can easily be with stamps, which can get damaged, torn and become unusable.” While delighted with the introduction of its franking machine, Coles is also benefiting from Neopost’s extensive support services.

Customer Feedback 

“Neopost has met our specific requirements with extremely high levels of support and accessibility... the entire process ran smoothly and exactly as Neopost promised. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Neopost to anyone,” concluded Peter.


Keeping databases up to date ensures saving on future mailing costs.