Claim Eazy, based in Cheshire in the UK, is a claims management company that helps its customers claim back money from mis-sold payment protection insurance, packaged bank accounts and personal injury reclaims. The company, founded in 2012 by James Treacy and Chris Dutton, both recently nominated for the Young Entrepreneur Award for the North West of England, has now developed into a dynamic team of over 60 people.




Complete manual process of opening a large amount of mail, data entry, distribution, document creation, fulfillment and sending over 500 mail pieces per day


Claim Eazy can now process mail 80% quicker with the same amount of staff, access Royal Mail volume discounts and have improved quality and accuracy


Installation of Neopost franking system, letter opener, folder inserter, output management software and data capture solution


Full installation of all hardware and software and the Neopost Account Manager keeps Claim Eazy up to date with the latest technology updates

We wanted to take the human element out of the mail preparation as much as possible.

James Treacy 

The challenge 

Claim Eazy were managing thousands and thousands of papers from sacks of post on a daily basis – all of which had to be dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible. All of this mail was processed manually with a lot of staff opening envelopes, putting into piles, sorting and then making sure they went to the right department. As well as a constant flow of high volume mail being processed, a lot of time was also spent on data entry, document creation, folding and inserting letters into envelopes and sending out mail.

The Process 

James Treacy said, “We wanted to take the human element out of our mail preparation as much as possible. It is important for us to be technology-driven for compliance purposes. So we looked for a company that could offer us the right expertise.”

The Solution 

Claim Eazy have invested in an IS-5000 postage machine, an IM-19 letter opener, an intelligent DS-200 folder inserter together with output management software, specially designed to help a business process their customer communications better. Peter Wilshaw, Claim Eazy IT Manager said, “Using the document process automation software from Neopost has given us measurable benefits. It helps us to better process our document queue. And what used to take us a week now only takes us one day. We can fully automate the outbound mailing process with the help of the barcode and data matrixes which the output management system adds to our documents.”

Delivery and Results 

Since investing in Neopost mailing solutions, Claim Eazy have been able to process all inbound and outbound post 80% quicker than previously. “What’s great about Neopost is the fact that they can meet the mailing needs of companies of different sizes. If you’re a one-man band or if you’re a big organization with 500 - 1,000 staff Neopost has the right mailing solution to handle the whole process. Neopost can help you at every stage of the customer communications management process. From opening letters, to metering your mail, and encouraging your customers to read your communications,” said James.

Customer Feedback 

Quality and accuracy are vitally important to Claim Eazy as a business. It is very important they ensure good business practices that are completely auditable, helping them work towards ISO 9001. James concluded by saying, “Although Neopost fully installed all of our software, we have an Account Manager who is constantly in touch with us, keeping us updated on all the most recent releases to their software so that we’re not falling behind with anything and that we keep up to date with new developments, enabling us to do our job much better.”