July 17th, 2014

Circle Housing Group Case Study

Squaring the demands of Circle Housing,

Circle is one of the UK’s leading providers of affordable housing. With a dedicated team of more than 2,200 staff, Circle manages more than 63,000 homes, including supported and sheltered housing, for around 200,000 people across the UK.  Its mission is to enhance the Life Chances of its residents by providing great homes and reliable services, and building sustainable communities.


Maximise the handeling of outgoing mail and make mail outs more effective.


Reduced labour costs and big savings on powww.


The compact DS-62 folder inserter and the IS-480 franking machine fit easily into office environments.


By upgrading out of date and unreliable machinery to Neopost products, a more efficient processing system was created for the mailroom. 

The Challenge 

Circle mails an average of a thousand letters per day, providing documentation and information to tenants and contractors. In order to efficiently produce this volume of mail, Circle depended on its mailroom equipment to provide essential automation. Its existing equipment was, however, out of date, and becoming increasingly unreliable.Circle’s Facilities Officer Peter Morgan explains, “Our franking machine was nearing the end of its contract and due for renewal. It still worked but it was out of date.”
“We also regularly conduct mass mail outs that can vary in size from fifty letters to thousands, and in the past we’ve had a few occasions where five or six people would spend a day preparing mail to be sent out. Then we used a folder and inserter to prepare mail and save valuable man power, but due to its age our folder and inserter was becoming increasingly unreliable.”

The Process

Having decided that the mail room equipment needed to be updated, Circle began to investigate possible replacements. Neopost and a competitor firm were invited to assess Circle’s mailing facilities and provide quotes for replacing the ageing equipment. “We had previously worked with Neopost when they provided equipment for some of our smaller offices, and we had always found their service to be helpful, friendly, and efficient. The Neopost products were also reasonably priced, and their solutions were well suited to our needs.”


The Neopost products were also reasonably priced, and their solutions were well suited to our needs. 

Peter Morgan- Circle Housing 

The Solution 

As a replacement for the folder and inserter, Neopost provided the DS-62. With a compact footprint, the DS-62 fits easily into office environments. Providing a high level of convenience and productivity, the DS-62 collates all documents for inclusion in a letter, then folds and inserts them into an envelope. Completed envelopes are then automatically sealed and neatly stacked ready for franking. For Circle’s franking needs, Neopost provided the IS-480 mailing system that enables envelopes of various sizes 
and formats to be loaded together into the self-aligning feeder, then by simply pressing start the IS-480 will automatically seal and frank envelopes at a rate of 150 letters per minute.

Delivery and Results 

“On the day of installation Neopost’s engineer worked very fast – both were set up and configured within the hour. The engineer also instructed me on how to access the settings of each machine. The IS-480 was surprisingly simple to use and has saved countless hours which used to be spent managing the workflow of our old franking machine. The IS-480 can also be configured to prepare our mail so that it will qualify for Royal Mail’s Cleanmail® Advance (CMA) service which could save us up to 16% on the cost of our powww.”Neopost supplies software, approved by Royal Mail, which ensures mail is machine readable and complies with the criteria stipulated by Royal Mail in order to receive the highest discounts available.

Customer Feedback 

Peter concludes, “Following the installation, Neopost has been very willing to provide continued support. The engineer has revisited our office to provide some extra training on the folder and inserter, and given us advice on how to manage the settings so we 
could maximise its productivity. Overall we couldn’t be happier with the service and solutions we’ve received from Neopost. Our new equipment has saved countless man hours and will soon provide us with sizeable discounts on our postage costs.”


Our new equipment has saved countless man hours and will soon provide us with sizeable discounts on our postage costs.