July 17th, 2014

Bow Wow Meow Case Study

Bow Wow Meow provide ID and security tags in the lucrative pet supplies market.


Reduce postage cost- and time wasted at the post office.


No more queuing - and lots more saving.


Neopost Franking Machines help to save on postage costs, improve the efficiency of your mailing processes and give communications a more professional appearance.


A 'no obligation 30 day free trial' established the benefits a franking machine could bring.  

I no longer have to queue at the Post Office and work out what to pay. It's cheaper, quicker and easier.

Marina Gower- Bow Wow Moew 


The Challenge 

Bow Wow Meow were processing approximately 500 1st class items per month, including customer orders distributed via letter and packets containing POS material for channel partners. Marina Gower, UK MD, saw they were wasting time and money queuing at the Post Office to purchase stamps and paying higher costs than other business users. 'I wanted to benefit from the cheaper postal prices Franking Machine users receive and reduce the time taken to purchase and then stick the stamps.'

The Process

After discussing with a business colleague how to access cheaper postage costs, franking machine manufacturer Neopost was recommended. Bow Wow Meow undertook a ‘no obligation 30 day free trial’ to establish the benefits a franking machine could bring.


The solution 

Neopost worked with Bow Wow Meow to provide the most cost-effective Franking Machine for their needs. Neopost franking machines help to save on postage costs, improve the efficiency of your mailing processes and give communications a more professional appearance. As a leading supplier of franking machines, Neopost has a widerange of franking systems – whether for a home office or an enterprise level mailroom. Not only will a franking machine simplify and speed up the mail processes, butwith smart online management features it can improve control and reduce postage expenditure. 

Delivery and Results

The benefits of the franking machine are clear, “I no longer have to queue at the Post Office and work out what to pay. It’s cheaper, quicker and easier. I am now sending mail 2nd class franked on the basis that it usually arrives the next day, so I am saving on postal costs each day as well as time.” says Marina.Franking machine users receive a discount on every item of mail sent. Additionally, the machines also help to promote a professional company image, you can manage your postal budget and costs online, and including an external return address enables undeliverable items to be returned, cleansing your customer data for free.

Customer Feedback 

'The franking Machine trial was trouble free- easy to set up and get started,' concluded Marina Gower.


Franking Machine users receive a discount on every item of mail sent. 

Additionally, the mahcines also help to promote a professional company image.