Following a merger in 1998, Ashford and St. Peter’s Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust operates across two sites in Surrey: St. Peter’s Hospital in Chertsey and Ashford Hospital, Middlesex.


To streamline postal services and reduce costs. 


Immediate improvements in cost, efficiency and ease of use. 


High volume mailing system combines speed, reliabilty and consistency and a user friendly interface.


Easy to install, up and running in no time plus excellent training and back up support from Neopost


We looked at several prospective suppliers but chose Neopost we know their machines are reliable and that the service support is good.

John Sermon- Travel Plan Coordinator 

The Challenge 

To streamline postal services and reduce costs in 2011 it was decided to centralise outgoing Royal Mail at the St. Peter’s Hospital site.

The Process

The Hospitals Trust had a franking machine at both of its sites but wanted one new replacement franking machine only at the St. Peter’s location. Outgoing Royal Mail from Ashford Hospital would be couriered to St. Peter’s Hospital using the Trust’s internal transport service. John Sermon is the Travel Plan Coordinator for the Trust who has responsibility for postal services. “We looked at several prospective suppliers but chose Neopost, because we had used their equipment previously so we knew their machines are reliable and that the service support is good. They were also very competitively priced, so we chose them.”

The Solution 

The Neopost mailing system combines speed, reliability and consistency and a user friendly interface. Its mixed mail feeder makes it possible for envelopes of various sizes and formats to be loaded together, then by simply pressing start, the machine automatically seals and franks envelopes at a rate of up to 260 letters per minute. The franking machine also has the ability to add additional items as the machine is running, decreasing the number of machine starts and stops, leading to increased productivity. Ergonomic design makes the Neopost franking machine very easy to use, with intuitive 15 inch full colour touch screen and keyboard. The internet connected machine and powerful integrated software solutions also provide increased options for assigning costs for postal management.

The machine features the ability to weigh and measure mail in-line, automatically categorising and rating it according to Royal Mail regulations. This makes it easy to take advantage of Royal Mail’s Business Mail services for batches of at least 500 items, which offer up to 23.5 per cent off the franked price, dependent on volume. To be eligible for these schemes, mail needs to be formatted correctly so that Royal Mail’s machines can read and sort it automatically.

Neopost supplies Royal Mail approved software which ensures mail is machine readable and complies with the criteria stipulated by Royal Mail in order to receive the highest discounts available. John confirms, “We’re processing about £10,000 of outgoing post a month and the IS-6000 manages that volume with no problems.” In fact the high volume franking machine can process 5,000 items a day.

Delivery and Results 

The installation went very well and Neopost provided training, although the system was similar to the Neopost machine we had used previously. We learnt about connecting to the internet to get the latest software downloads, so the franking machine is always up to date”, John explains.


As a large NHS trust operating across two sites, cost allocations are important and John and his team have found that the versatile machine makes this easy. “The system is set up for inter-departmental charging which makes the whole process very easy to administer for us.”


John has also been impressed by Neopost’s back-up and support. “I like the fact that the support team really know their stuff. If I phone for support the first person who answers deals with it, so you don’t get passed around or put on hold. Last year when there was a postal rate rise I called up to find out how to change the settings and they talked me through it in a couple of minutes. You really appreciate that level of competence.”

On site engineering service has also been exemplary says John. “Obviously now having one franking system instead of two we are very reliant on the franking machine, but it’s proved very reliable. If we do have an issue Neopost quote a six hour response time but the engineer is usually here within a couple of hours.”

Customer Feedback 

Overall John has been pleased with the decision to select the Neopost high volume franking machine. “We have about 3,400 staff across the two sites with 550 hospital beds, so it’s a big operation. But the Neopost system is very good, reliable and meets our needs. It was acquired on a six year lease and it’s definitely paying for itself.”


We're processing about £10,000 of outgoing post 

a month and the Neopost franking machine managers that 

volume with no problems.