The Anglia Revenues Partnership (ARP) consists of seven Local Authorities working in partnership delivering Revenues and Benefits services across seven districts, achieving financial savings and efficiencies for each partner Council. The services provided by the ARP include Council Tax and Business Rates collection and recovery, The ARP Enforcement Agency, Housing Benefits and Local Council Tax Reduction Scheme. Operating from four sites, the ARP acts as a centralised hub providing an online platform for citizens to use for payments or make claims to their local council. The partnership has more than 230 employees.


The Anglia Revenues Partnership’s existing letter opener would sometimes damage envelope contents forcing the firm to manage some of the process manually.


The amount of time spent manually opening post has dramatically decreased, speeding up application approval processes and other workflows.


The IM-19 Letter Opener is a table-top machine that can process up to 400 letters per minute and can handle batches that vary in size, weight and format.


After analysing ARPs requirements Neopost (who already enjoy a business relationship with ARP) recommended the IM-19 Letter Opener.

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