July 27th, 2016

Achmea Insurance

Achmea Insurance is the leading insurance company based in the Netherlands and delivers health, life and general insurance to over 8 million customers, with 20 billion in gross written premiums.


To create consistent pension statements across digital and traditional channels and to make communications more engaging.


• Improved customer experience and engagement
• Consistent communication
• Reduced paper processes
• Increased revenue


GMC Inspire Dynamic Communications software.


Inspire Dynamic Communications transformed Achmea’s pension statements into single files, enabled the delivery of communications in the customers preferred channel, and ability to create more dynamic communications.

Inspire Dynamic Communications allows Achmea to add video, graphics, charts and other visually engaging design elements.

The challenge

Achmea’s use of multiple systems for communications had created inconsistent pension statements across different channels. Communications needed to appeal to customers who prefer digital while also meeting the needs of traditional customers. Achmea wanted their communications to be more engaging but the existing system lacked the capability to add video and other impactful elements.

The solution

GMC Inspire Dynamic Communications was used to transform Achmea’s pension statements into a single file, optimised for email, web, SMS and print. Achmea are now able to deliver communications in the channel preferred by the customer, whether it is print or digital.

Delivery and results

GMC Inspire delivers real results:

• Improved customer experience and engagement
• Consistent communications across mobile, print, email and web
• Reduced paper processes by moving 17,000 customers to digital communications
• Increased revenue opportunities with up-selling and cross-selling on statements