21 April 2016

Postal and Communications Strategies – within the NHS

The NHS is made up of numerous organisations. In England alone, this includes 211 clinical commissioning groups, 156 acute trusts, 56 mental health trusts, 34 community providers, 10 ambulance services, 8,000 GP practises and 2,300 hospitals. It employs 1.6 million people throughout the UK and sees one million patients every 36 hours. For an organisation of this size, efficient, effective and secure communications is essential.

Postal and communications strategies within the NHS is the latest in a series of Neopost whitepapers that seek to throw light on postal strategies within the public sector as it endeavours to save money and make existing operations more efficient.

The NHS may be protected from budget cuts faced by other public sector organisations, but the combination of a growing and ageing population and the need to raise productivity and the quality of care means that it, too, is having to reduce waste and unnecessary expenditure NHS England has warned that with the current level of funding gap in the NHS could grow to £30 billion between 2013/14 and 2020/21.