21 April 2016

Postal and Communications Strategies – within Charities and the Third Sector

The UK has a large and diverse charities sector. There are 180,000 registered charities and many more that fall below the £5,000 income threshold for registration, all raising funds for a huge variety of local, national and international projects.

Vibrant as it is, the charities sector faces major challenges. Charitable donations suffered badly in the economic downturn, down 20% in 2011-12 alone, and despite an improving economy, the public continue to feel the pinch. In return for their support, donors are increasingly demanding that the charities spend more of the money they raise on a good cause and less on salaries and administration.

As a result of these pressures, charities, like publically-funded organisations, are having to economise and demonstrate value for money. They are also under pressure to become more sophisticated in their fund-raising activities, using technology to deliver more targeted campaigns via traditional, paper-based communications, as well as web-based and mobile channels.