13 March 2017

How to Reclaim VAT on Your Business Postage

How to Reclaim VAT on Your Business Postage

Businesses can reclaim VAT charged on a range of Royal Mail products if they’re registered for VAT and sell taxable goods or services. Many businesses applying for what they’re due have to manually gather the information and format it to submit the claim. It’s a tiresome, lengthy exercise subject to error. 

Don’t Miss Out on Hundreds of Pounds a Year

Cumbersome, manual ways of gathering the information can lead to businesses letting this saving go. That means missing out on reclaimed postage VAT that can add up to hundreds of pounds a year

Instead, businesses can use the application that provides a one-stop location for VAT postage data, equipping them to: 

  1. Simplify the process of running reports on all the business’ postal usage
  2. Have confidence in the VAT refund being claimed
  3. Identify trends in postal usage for business spend insight. 

Download the Value Added Technology Reclaiming, VAT on your business postage white paper for the full list of Royal Mail products liable for VAT and to discover how NeoStats gives your business insight into its VAT postage data for full and accurate refund claims.