21 April 2016

Savings in Postal Communications – How Schools and Universities can take advantage of developments in postal products and services

Every year public sector organisations spend more than £650 million on transactional and ad hoc mailings. Despite growing use of electronic messaging, Government departments, councils, hospitals, further education and schools depend on effective postal communications to raise revenue, deliver efficient public services and interact with the public. In higher education it is increasingly important to keep in contact with alumni.

Trusted, flexible and reliable, printed mail is far and away the most inclusive medium and the most effective way to reach all members of the community. But it is increasingly important to utilise all media channels.

The importance of postal communications to the education sector is reflected in its annual expenditure on correspondence, bulk mailing, Postage Paid and other postal services. According to the Crown Commercial Service, (CCS), organisations in education spend £83 million per annum on physical post.

CCS states that smarter procurement and effective strategies could cut the cost by between 9% and 30%