I want to take advantage of Mailmark pricing, what should I do?

If you would like to discuss upgrading your machine to Mailmark please contact your account manager or call the sales team on 0800 731 1334.

How do I plug the machine in?

The machine connects using a normal LAN (Cat 5) cable, you will have received one of these in the box when the machine was delivered. You will no longer need the telephone cable. Once the machine is plugged in, please follow the steps here (http://kb.neopost.co.uk/connection).

Will my machine start to function differently?

No, the only difference you will notice to your machine is that the connection time will be faster when you are connecting to add credit or use the online services options on the machine.

Is there a charge for this service?

There is no cost to change your machine to LAN (internet). In fact, you will be saving money by connecting on the internet instead of using a phone line.

What happens if I leave the machine connected by modem?

Your machine will continue to connect on modem until our third party provider gives us notice that they are terminating this service. The notice period we will be given is 30 days, after this time your machine will not be able to connect unless you change to a LAN (internet) connection.

Why do I need to change my connection type?

As technology is advancing a lot of companies are doing away with old analogue connections. As BT made a decision to withdraw this service earlier this year we have sourced another provider, however the only way to future proof your machine is to change the connection type to LAN (internet).