Stamp vs Frank

Discover why Franking wins hands down for small businesses like yours.

Post. Still Your Undisputed Champion. 

Technology continues its unstoppable advance. But post remains the number one communications channel for today’s businesses. Parcels and packages still have to be physically mailed to their final destinations. For many customers, there’s still no substitute for receiving documentation such as invoices and quotations in the post. And marketing communications still have a greater impact in the letterbox than the inbox. This makes post preparation and management important for small businesses, and means a time and money-saving franking machine from Neopost will deliver far greater efficiencies.

Why Franking Wins on Cost

When it comes to costs, franking is in postage class of its own. By switching to franking today, a business like yours could access significant postage discounts, and whats more, the efficiency begins immediately.

*0-100g weight band

Why Franking Wins on Convenience 

The old ritual of stamping envelopes and parcels takes a considerable amount of time. On average, a round trip to the Post Office to post items and purchase additional stamps takes an employee around forty-five minutes. If the trip occours just once a week, it amounts to approximately three hours lost per month, and a total of four and half workdays lost per year. With a franking machine you can purchase postage on line 24/7 so your staff can spend more time pleasing existing customers, completing critical administration tasks, or even securing new business. 

Why Franking Wins on Image 

When it comes to your business image, nothing says ‘old-school’ like an old-fashioned stamped letter or parcel. On the other hand, franking has, quite literally, forward-thinking written all over it – it looks professional to your customers and prospects. As well as giving your mail items a sleek and modern finish, franking machines can print your company logo, business name, a QR code, or even a marketing message onto every letter or parcel you post. To your customers, franking simply says a lot of good things about your business.

Franking Wins on Productivity


Franking Wins on Accuracy 

A Neopost franking machine calculates the correct postage, reducing human error and stopping over-spending through either not having the correct value stamps or putting extra stamps on to make sure items get there. All you need to do is select the type of mail being sent, and place the item on the weigh platform. The machine then automatically calculates the correct postage for you, removing the risk of under-stamping, which would lead to reputation-damaging surcharges.

Franking Wins for People Just Like You 

A success story for Sharedband - the UK's leading provider of bonded internet solutions

Like many young companies today, Shareband was finding the management of outgoing post an increasing administrative burden. Wanting to keep costs down and avoid employing extra staff, Shareband Chief Tim Burne decided to trial a Neopost franking machine.

The machine quickly solved the issue of outgoing post for Sharedband says Tim. 'Making sure the post goes out on time is not a problem anymore. Where previously we were always running out of stamps and somebody had to queue at the post office with petty cash, we now just whizz the mail through.' Tim Burne, CEO at Sharedband 

It was easy to buy, simple to operate and does everything we wanted. I'm very pleased with Neopost.    

Why Wait Any Longer?

Stop stamping and start franking with Neopost

*Opinionway customer survey October 2012