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Incoming mail could contain risks to your business and employees such as explosive devices, organic and inorganic materials, sharp items or powder based threats. Are you doing all you can to protect your employees and premises? Our full range of Security Scanners start from small desktop detectors to large scale Walk-through Metal detectors, enabling any business big or small to protect their employees and premises from harmful threats.

The SP-100 Security Scanner is the world's number 1 letter bomb dector, It can quickly screen bundles of mail and parcels up to 2.5''(6cm) thick.
The SP-300/500 range of cabinet X-Ray systems guarantees high definition X-Ray images, and provides accurate screening of mail for potential hazards and threats. 
The Rapiscan 618XR HP/620XR HP (High Performance) provides high speed conveyorised mail and parcel screening for busy postrooms, reception and goods in areas. 
The Metor range of walk through Metal Dectors are great for areas of high traffic throughput, giving you advanced security by detecting weapons. 

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  • Explosives in the mail – advice and preventative measures

    Explosives in the mail – advice and preventative measures

    Last week, a mail-bombing campaign targeted several addresses across the UK. The packages, which were A4-sized white postal bags containing yellow Jiffy bags, were sent to transportation hubs in England and Scotland, and were designed to start fires upon opening. Thankfully, only one of the...
  • Mail threats: a rare but serious problem

    Mail threats: a rare but serious problem

    Suspicious items arriving in post rooms present a serious risk and any threats must be acted on immediately. Such items could pose an explosive or biological threat to employees. Fortunately, such occurrences are rare but if they happen, action must be swift and decisive to protect mail handlers...
  • Mail scanning: more than just detecting explosives and biohazards

    When we hear of security incidents that involve suspicious packages, it usually relates to explosives or biological threats . Thankfully, these are extremely rare events. The use of scanning equipment can quickly identify such threats, reducing the risk of damage and injury – but routine use of...