Inbound Parcel tracking

Quadient’s Web Tracking System (WTS) is a turnkey solution that provides the tools you need to automate and manage your operations. Whether it is by tracking the chain of custody of inbound packages or managing the logistics of your business assets, WTS by Neopost gives you the visibility you need to simplify and better manage processes in your organisation.

If you are finding it difficult and time-consuming to handle the increasing number of parcels you are receiving each day, or if you are having trouble tracking and finding a lost parcel, WTS will optimise your inbound delivery process

This all-in-one cloud-based solution is comprised of a recording and labelling software, handheld devices for tracking, and a web-based reporting system that allows you to track all inbound parcels within your organisation in real time, whether it is in receipt, transit or delivery.

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When items such as parcels, pouches, mail bags and files arrive on the premises:

  • Scan the barcode to register the item in the database and select the recipient from the internal address book 
  • The recipient recieves an email notification of the arrival of their parcel
Delivery driver in van

Track items through the web portal using any computer available 24/7, with access to: 

  • Scanning history 
  • Proof of delivery 
  • Photos of tracking incidents 

All data is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Access to your the database requires a user login and password.

Delivery parcel

Scan the barcode at every step of the internal delivery chain with the handheld devices provided.

  • Each scan provides real-time status including a time and location
  • The end recipient adds their signature on the device to acknowlodge receipt of their mail item 
  • You recive a notification that the mail item has been delivered 
Inbound tracking device


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