Book your parcels online with ease and choose the best service for your consignment. The new Neoship app is the convenient way to send packages. It is an exclusive service from Royal Mail to Neopost franking machine customers that lets users book on-line and pay for consignments using their postage account. This means improved cost control and cashflow, as well as other benefits such as our free Confirmation Of Delivery service.

Shipping directly from your desktop

  • Quick selection process to help you choose the best parcel service for your consignments’ destination
  • Confirmation of Delivery from non-signatory Royal Mail Services such as 1st Class Small or Medium Parcels
  • Easy access to a history of your parcel shipments giving you an archive for quick reference to support audit trails and tracking requirement
  • Speed up processing time

    NeoShip removes the need to complete manual paperwork for Royal Mail Signed For or Special Delivery Services. The application automatically produces the labels for you to print and apply to your parcel. You can even book multiple shipments at one time.

  • Manage spend

    NeoShip only shows the available services for your destination address, this ensures you pay the right price every time. Your usage can be viewed in NeoStats, giving you a full expenditure report. With NeoFunds, you can get up to 50 days credit facility for postage payment.

  • Account Management

    You can have either a single account access or a log in for each employee, allowing your business to benefit from NeoShip, improving mail processing time for high complexity shipments and control costs. Each user can also track the item for Confirmation of Delivery.

  • Delivery Address Accuracy

    With our inbuilt address validation tool, NeoShip allows you to automatically check the destination address against the Royal Mail database, ensuring your consignment will arrive to your customer every time.


With NeoStats, you can recoup processing costs by charging back postage expenses to specific accounts/departments and identify potential cost savings by analysing postage spend by account/department/postage class and/or operator. In the reports you will see; what has been sent, who has sent it, who’s paying for postage and how much money is being spent by each department.


With a MyNeopost account you can gain visibility and control of your mailing equipment for a single site or multiple locations. Access your important documents such as invoices and statements anytime you need them, 24/7. Check your balance and make a payment by card or set up a direct debit for your postage account or invoices.