Medium Volume Franking Machines

Our medium volume franking machine delivers fast and efficient mail processing for small businesses with limited floor space. Receive all the benefits of a larger machine but in a smaller, compact and easy to use machine.

The IN-600 franking machine delivers practical solutions that offer maximum versatility to give your business the results you need. The quiet machine is highly featured and easy to operate.

You’ll appreciate the sleek ergonomic design that saves you space and easily integrates into your business environment.

An intelligent operating panel puts even the occasional user in control with a simple-to-use navigational menu.

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Business Beneifts

More For Your Franking Machine


With a MyNeopost account you can gain visibility and control of your mailing equipment for a single site or multiple locations. Access your important documents such as invoices and statements anytime you need them, 24/7. Check your balance and make a payment by card or set up a direct debit for your postage account or invoices.

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With NeoStats, you can recoup processing costs by charging back postage expenses to specific accounts/departments and identify potential cost savings by analysing postage spend by account/department/postage class and/or operator. In the reports you will see; what has been sent, who has sent it, who’s paying for postage and how much money is being spent by each department.

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Official Manufacturer Ink Cartridges

Our ink cartridges are designed to ensure you receive the highest print quality when franking your mail. By purchasing our manufacturer cartridges you’ll have piece of mind that your system will run seamlessly.

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Franking Made Easy

With Run My Mail, you are able to manage all the features of your franking with ease from a connected PC:

  • Preview how your mailpiece will look instantly
  • Select Royal Mail tariffs within a couple of clicks
  • Add or change a slogan quickly and easily
  • View remaining balance, item weight and price for a mailpiece, all from one screen
  • Save memory jobs in seconds
  • Run My Mail is constantly connected to your franking machine, meaning instant access at all times


  • Be clear on postage spend

    Be clear on postage spend

    Managing costs is a vital aspect of business . Every activity can produce a cost and, no matter how insignificant, when they’re allowed to spiral they can eat away at a company’s bottom line.
  • Just how much could franking save your business?

    Just how much could franking save your business?

    When it comes to preparing the outgoing post, franked mail saves your business money compared to using stamps and Mailmark ® customers make further savings compared to standard franking.