Intelligent parcel lockers

The Packcity automated electronic locker system enables you to securely store and distribute a large volume of inbound parcels. The easy-to-use interface allows you to track parcels and inform recipients of the arrival of their parcel. Pickup takes only seconds and lockers are accessible 24/7

The person delivering the parcel enters their individual ID number on the locker’s touchscreen and scans the parcel’s barcode. Then, on the same screen, they identify the recipient’s name from the internal address book, which is loaded during installation, and select a box size. All that’s left is to place the parcel in the automatically selected locker box.

The recipient of the parcel receives an email indicating that a parcel has arrived, with a one-time pin code or barcode for retrieval. When convenient, the recipient visits the parcel lockers and enters their code via the touchscreen or scans the barcode. This opens the relevant box for pick-up.

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  • Total security for reduced risk of lost items
  • Package drop-off and pick-up tracking for end-to-end accountability
  • Remote management and monitoring of parcel lockers
  • Tracking usage has never been easier with reports on data collection, including delivery/pickup status and locker occupancy rate
  • Modular indoor or outdoor column structures with a choice of locker sizes
  • Easy-to-use touchscreen interface
  • Sturdy steel lockers with cameras and security features
  • Easy access for parcel retrieval in just a few seconds
Parcel locker collection

Our service offer gives you piece of mind because we handle your Packcity order every step of the way;

  • Shipment and installation
  • Staff training
  • Onsite maintenance
  • Software support
Parcel locker scanning device


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