Output Management Software

OMS-500 is user-friendly and flexible software that helps businesses send documents to their customers. This web based solution automates the distribution of documents across multiple communication channels i.e. mail, email and document portal. This helps to enrich, manage and keep control of your customer communications. We offer an on premise or cloud solution to fit any business or organisation

OMS-500 allows your business to send accurate and targeted communications to the right customer, at the right time.

By connecting to your businesses management system (e.g. ERP, CRM, finance system), OMS 500 allows you to collate information and create complex documents following pre-defined business rules. This means you can send customers impactful communications, securely and cost-effectively; by physical post, standard or tracked email or through a web portal.


Business Benefits

  • Revenue Growth

    Postage savings with grouping, batch printing, sorting and merging. Allows changes in real time without IT involvement. Leverages IT investments through ERP/CRM business process interfaces.

  • Customer Engagement

    Make your customers feel special and build lasting relationships by sending them targeted, personalised and customised communication via their preferred channel.

  • Risk Mitgation

    Gain full control of your document preparation process to ensure the document is sent to the right recipient. You can also ensure the security of your documents with; audit trails, electronic signature and time stamping.

  • Expense Control

    Reduce your operating costs by choosing to send via a digital channel and in turn save on postage and pre-printed stocks. You can also save by reducing IT costs and by centralising the preparation of documents from different locations or subsidiaries. 

Document Delivery Portal Service

The Document Delivery Portal (DDP) is an optional paid service for use with OMS- 500 Cloud and OnPremise. This powerful addition will allow your company to deliver any type of document via a secure and fully-personalised web portal.

The Document Delivery Portal removes the need for postal mail or registered mail, bringing your company further savings. With the traceability of documents through the portal, you can rest assured that all customer communications are being sent to the correct recipient and will not be compromised.

After choosing your Document Delivery Portal plan, you can begin customising your portal, inbox and emails. Once completed, you can start the process of transitioning your customers to e-delivery.

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Online customer document portal

Cut wasted mailings and access postal discounts

DQ Plus is a cloud or on premise software that enhances your customer data so that you can improve deliverability, cut waste and reduce postage costs. Couple DQ plus with our web-based output management software (OMS-500) to enhance your customer data and in turn maximise the connections you have with your customers.

This software is a simple and reliable solution to manage mail and email communications and ensure that personalised documents are delivered to the right person, at the right address, through your customers preferred channel.

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Letter box and Laptop

Audited Bulk Mailings

Mail Piece Production Control builds an audit trail for each production job that runs through your folder inserter. This provides you with real-time access to operational data and gives you visibility into each job, operator and inserter, essential information to help run your mail centre efficiently and confidently.


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AIMs process diagram


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