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At Quadient, our mission is to help businesses meet the increasing challenge of controlling costs and maximising productivity. With a folding and inserting machine you can free up your workforce to do more important jobs and cut your mailing costs by accessing Royal Mail discounts. 

Our range of easy-to-use desktop folder inserters can process up to 10,000 pieces of mail per month. Perfect for any small business sending out large batches of mail.

From invoices to promotions, a folder inserter is just the machine to precisely and professionally fold, insert and seal your mail items at the touch of a button.



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How a Folder Inserter works

A folder inserter, also know as a 'envelope stuffer', 'paper folding machine' or 'letter stuffer is an important part of any mailroom. Put simply, their primary purpose is to fold and insert documents into envelopes quickly and efficiently.

Feeders are loaded with stacks of paper documents and carrier envelopes. Sheets and inserts that belong in the same carrier envelope are automatically fed into the system and collected together and arranged one on top of the other. The sheets are then folded using a fold type that's compatible with the carrier envelope.

Meanwhile, an empty carrier envelope is fed in and transported to the inserting area ready for the materials to be inserted. If programmed, the carrier envelope is sealed. Filled carrier tenvelopes then leave the machine by catch try, side exit or stacker. 

Fast, easy, Compact

The DS-40i helps to convey a professional image with neat folds and correctly located addresses. Documents are collated and assembled before folding them so when opened all the documents are presented together and in the right order. So having a mailing process that is fast and efficient is just as essential.

With the DS-40i folder inserter, you can automate mail processing so that job completion can be cut from hours to minutes.


Quadient, formerly Neopost DS-40i

Flexible, Intuitive and Intelligent

The DS-64i is ideally suited for businesses that are sending wide variety of document sizes and types. Full page barcode reading capabilities come as standard to ensure increased customer security and a professional appearance for variable-page jobs. With multiple feeder options, the DS-64i offers optimal flexibility and convenience when processing documents and filling envelopes.

It fills up to 2,500 envelopes per hour and folds up to 5 documents in tri-fold format. FlexFeed® feeders handle just about any insert size or type - A4, A5, leaflets, postcards or envelopes. The colour touch screen delivers optimal ease of use.

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Quadient, formerly Neopost DS-64i Folder Inserter