Intelligent Folder Inserters with Output Management Software

Managing bulk mailings of personalised invoices or marketing materials by hand is time consuming.  Collating content and filling envelopes ties up staff who could be adding value elsewhere in your organisation.  And human error could cause customer dissatisfaction,  or even fines if confidential information goes to the wrong person. Presentation suffers too, with untidy folds & wrongly aligned addresses. Intelligent envelope filling is the answer.

Neopost equipment & software combine to deliver speed, accuracy & personalisation:

  • Output management software applies barcodes to documents to manage envelope content
  • Printed documents and separate inserts such as brochures or CD’s are loaded into the folder inserter
  • The inbuilt reader in the folder inserter interprets the barcode as documents feed through
  • The folder inserter fills envelopes as instructed – so invoices with multiple pages are correctly collated, inserts are included as required
  • For high volume mailing separate software checks that the production run has been correctly fulfilled
  • Speed

    Folder inserters fill envelopes at least 13 times faster than by hand. Our range provides solutions from a desktop machine filling 1350 envelopes per hour up to modular production mail workhorses that fill 12000 envelopes per hour.

  • Personalisation

    Varied content per individual is easily managed.  Different inserts and number of pages can be inserted.  Feature specific marketing messages in the document design, so even invoices are working to promote your business.

  • Perfect Presentation

    Up to 10 sheets per envelope can be folded neatly in a variety of fold types.  Documents are collated & assembled before folding so on opening they are all are presented together and in the right order. Addresses are always correctly aligned in the envelope window.

  • Accuracy

    Software manages correct collation, so the right documents always go to the right person. Multiple mailings to the same addressee are consolidated into one envelope. Checks are conducted during and after the production run.

Mail Data Preparation

Make your mailing operation much more productive by using Bulk Mailer to enhance address accuracy and formatting. Increase mail deliverability, navigate complex postal regulations and achieve the lowest postage rates.