Enterprise Customer Experience Management

Inspire from Quadient (a Neopost Company) is an enterprise Customer Experience Managment (CXM) platform that will completely transform interactions with customers. Recognised as a market leader by respected analysts Gartner and Forester, Inspire helps organisations around the world to transition to digital communications and improve engagement with customers across the entire customer journey. Design, distribute and archive personalised and compliant communications across mail, email and on-line from one centralised platform

Ideal for organisations with high volumes of customer interactions, such as banking, utilities, health or insurance, Inspire can help: 

  • Increase agility and reduce compliance risks 
  • Create personalised digital experiences 
  • Enable quicker response times and easier two-way interactions 
  • Improve satisfaction by using the customer's preferred channel
  • Apply document templates to ensure brand consistency and a professional image 


Benefits of CXM 

  • Improve process efficiency

    Quickly create, approve and deliver omni-channel communications from a single platform and eliminate the need for multiple siloed teams. 

  • Grow customer satisfaction

    Deliver interactive, personalised and device friendly comunications quickly and via the customer's chosen communication channel 

  • Reduce compliance risk

    Compliance personnel can manage, track, approve and lock down communications to ensure they meet regulatory requirements. 

Speed digital transformation

Inspire integrates seamlessly with all your IT systems. This includes existing legacy applications, making it easy to leverage your existing templates and data ecosystem to create highly personalized, relevant communications across all channels.

It is the only centralised solution that makes it easy to create, approve and deliver omni-channel communications from one easy-to-use platform eliminating the need for multiple siloed teams, and reducing strain on IT.

Inspire integrates seamlessly with Quadient Customer Journey Mapping, allowing you to connect all customer communications and gives you visibility into every customer touchpoint across the entire customer journey and enables you to take action when required.

Screen showing multiple channels

Multi-Channel Vs Omni-Channel

Although both multi-channel and omni-channel involve selling across multiple physical and digital channels, the key difference is how the customer experience is joined up across those channels. 

Traditionally a multi-channel retailer would have a website and a physical store, which are normally very siloed. The stores would have its own stock and only that stock could be returned in store and in some cases online orders would not be accepted in store. 

Inspire brings these channels together and creates a seemless journey between all channels. 

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