FileStore for HR Process Automation

Most HR systems manage basic employee record keeping quite well but they are poor at handling the mass of paper driven form and document processes such as joiner, leaver, disciplinary or performance review information. These can all be managed automatically by FileStore.

Efficient and Consistent

FileStore ensures that HR staff and Departmental Management teams follow internal and mandatory legal procedures correctly:

  • Create document checklists to ensure employee files contain the correct up to date documents
  • Ensure that old document records are disposed of in line with Data Protection Act requirements
  • Minimise the risk of staff disputes, tribunal and legal costs are minimised

Benefits to Your Business and Your User

Process design and visibility

With FileStore Business Process Management, you can gain a rapid visual overview of complete business processes, and can quickly diagnose issues affecting productivity and performance. Furthermore, FileStore BPM allows managers to design workflow processes visually as flow diagrams. The diagrams consist of various dynamically linked stages, and managers simply attach rules and participants to each stage. To design or map processes, managers use a Microsoft Visio based tool with simple drag-and-drop functionality.

Monitoring, reporting and dashboards

BPM workflows track every stage of a process in real time. Managers can quickly review workloads and receive automated alerts triggered by criteria such as pending workflow deadlines. The software can generate reports containing granular data on volumes, times for each stage, errors, or approvals v. rejections, as well as performance against KPIs and SLAs.

Flexible hosted and on-site implementation

Organisations can implement FileStore BPM using the traditional on-site installation model, or can “rent” the software as a fully hosted solution, paid for on a simple monthly usage or per-transaction basis. FileStore BPM workflow management software runs completely within a web browser with no need for installation on individual PC's. It utilises the latest Microsoft .Net, XML and Web Services technologies, can be easily scaled, and integrates with a wide range of systems and applications including SAP, Oracle, MS Office and MS Exchange.