Automating Accounts Payable

Automate Accounts Payable processes to save time, improve efficiency and reduce scope for human error.  Convert paper documents to digital files and automatically extract key data from paper or e-documents to speed up distribution, processing and archiving.  

Quick, efficient and error-free

  • Scan paper documents to digital files to speed up distribution
  • Save space by reducing paper files
  • Capture key information from invoices direct to your processing system to reduce keystrokes and errors
  • Quickly route invoices through pre-defined workflows for on-line processing and approval
  • Automatically index documents to create easily searched digital archive
  • Facilitate remote working

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Customer Success Stories


  • Tackling the late payment problem

    Tackling the late payment problem

    Late payments are a problem for many UK businesses. In fact, 2018 research revealed it costs small businesses an average £9,000 to recover overdue payments. When incoming invoice management is inefficient it can contribute to this problem - so much so, that the same research found that 11 per cent...