Automate Business Processes and Workflows

Business process automation and workflow management software can cut operational cycle times by 20-30%. Replace time-consuming, manual, paper-based processes with auditable, automated electronic workflows. Improve efficiency of simple processes internal to the organisation or complex workflows that extend across your supplier network, external partners or even customers

Efficiency and Insight

  • Rapid visual overview of business processes, quickly diagnose productivity issues
  • Design workflow processes visually as flow diagrams
  • Track every stage of a process in real time
  • Review workloads, receive automated alerts triggered by criteria such as pending deadlines
  • Reports on volumes, times for each stage, errors, as well as performance against KPIs and SLAs
  • Choice of on-site installation model, or alternatively SaaS option gives monthly payments for usage or per-transaction basis.

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Customer Success Stories


  • Bring automation into your invoicing

    Companies that issue invoices rapidly stand to bring cash back into the business faster . However, many store-up invoices to send all in one go, often once a month. If invoicing processes were more efficient, they may not feel the need to set time aside in this way ; instead they could bill for...